Chrys Spaulding-Chapman – Make-up Artist – Unveils Her Top Make-Up Picks

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Make-up artists – they know all the tricks. I recently had the opportunity to ask some serious (but fun) questions about make-up and skincare to my lovely friend and make-up artist, Chrys Spaulding-Chapman.

Chrys is a trained make-up artist who has worked for luxury beauty brands Guerlain, Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury and also blogs at Makeup Artist Insider. She was kind enough to take time out of her busy beauty world and answer a few questions for us.

Beauty Rocks: What trends are you seeing in make-up right now?

Chrys: Current trends in make-up? Today the rules seem to have been abandoned. The flexibility to interpret trends, moods and personality through make-up has never been more available. While there has never been so much emphasis on artistry throughout the brands, there has also never been so much emphasis on accessibility.

Last year we saw a return of the ultra natural/ dewy/ Bambi-eyed look. Now, I think people are craving a bit more glamour. So it is a great time to be able to alternate your look.  You can wear a sophisticated smoky eye to the office and ramp it up BOMBSHELL for the evening. I think trending today is you… on a really good day… whoever you want to be today.

Beauty Rocks: So what’s in your handbag?

Chrys: Oh good Lord… I virtually have a lipstick bar in my bag. I would like to add they’ve sort of accumulated over time… I don’t repack my bag with that many products everyday.

In my bag you can find:

1. Laura Mercier glosses in: Sparkling, Bonbon, Bellini, Bare Blush, Cerise (limited edition), and Lychee (plumper)

2.  Laura Mercier lipstick rouge nouveau in Coy and crème lip in Red Amour and Peche

3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in 2

4. Rimmel Scandle ‘eyes’ mascara

5. Laura Mercier eye pencil in Special Brown

Beauty Rocks: If you were stuck on a desert island and could choose only one make-up product what would it be?

Chrys: Desert island product picks? I would have to choose:

1. Laura Mercier Protect Primer (b/c SPF AND PA are ESSENTIAL on a desert island!)

2. Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Es Vedra

3. Estee Lauder Waterproof Mascara… best waterproof ever!

Beauty Rocks: What’s your make-up routine?

Chrys: My make-up routine starts while I do my hair so my morning routine consists of getting my kids ready for their day and therefore I break up my own personal routine into three parts with my kids’ routines

1. Make breakfast and do my hair/ skincare (skincare = Laura Mercier Repair Serum and Tone Perfecting Cream with Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash).

2. Make kids’ lunches and get everybody dressed (including me… which determines my make-up look for the day).

3. The last bit is just for me, which usually means the kids get to watch the last bit of Peppa Pig before the school run … so prime — ALWAYS USE A PRIMER. I change which primer I use based on what look I’m going for and how full I want my coverage, but my favourite look for summer is radiance primer and oil free tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier).

Then bronze (or the “trendy” version is contour… which I would like to point out… bronzer does contouring and contouring powder does bronzing. Play with the products you’ve got before you go out and buy more).  I like Guerlain 4 Seasons Bronzer, which is pricey but well worth it. Then, blush and highlight.

Eyes… there is no formula for my eyes… everyday is different depending on mood and look, but I always TIGHTLINE and use mascara. And that’s it.  I have really full brows so don’t normally do them and lips I almost always leave until I’ve arrived at my destination so I don’t destroy my lip look. I know it sounds a lot but step 3 (which was the actual make-up stuff) takes me no more than 10 – 15 minutes.

Beauty Rocks: What’s the most common mistake you see people making with make-up?

Chrys: The most common makeup mistakes…

1. Touché éclat is NOT concealer. Please stop using it like one!

2. Over cleansing your skin… this one is controversial, but from my time in the industry and special interest in skin… what I’ve learned is that skin mostly wants balance.  Using something too abrasive or cleansing too often or with too many products = problem skin. Whether that’s because skin panics and starts to over produce its own natural oil or becomes sensitive and flakey – no good comes from too much. Find gentle, good for you products and don’t forget your diet which is essential to good skin.

3. Eye liner (and this is battle of extremes). I find there are those who do too much- it’s too heavy, too dark and the wrong texture. So a dark feline flick but in a khol liner will bleed, whereas a liquid or gel is harder to work with, but will stay put. Or the anti-liner. Tightline is my all time favourite make-up technique and EVERYONE can do it. It’s essentially filling in the lash line at the root of the lashes. It’s the easiest way to create impact and weight to the eye. Great for any age, any eye shape, and any ONE.


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