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The Autumn Fragrance Edit

I love fragrances and I really believe in having a wardrobe of fragrances in which to draw from depending on your mood. I’ve pulled together my Autumn Fragrance Edit with all the gorgeous scents I am using this season. So pull up a chair and read on!

Missoni Eau de Toilette

There is no one that makes a prettier bottle of fragrance than Missoni. I swear the bottles are a piece of art, they almost glow in the light and change colour when the light moves. Truly gorgeous and deserve a place on the vanity table simply for their beauty. This scent is lovely and very, very pretty. It’s gentle and uplifting with a blood orange top note – a true winter blues buster. The top notes include blood orange, rosehip and juicy notes of nashi pear and waterlily. There is a freshness about these notes and this would be a great day fragrance as it will lift you right up in the morning. The top notes then give away to the heart of freesia petals, peony, rosyfolia and rosewater essence. I love the citrusy lilt of this fragrance that remains, even as it settles on the skin.

To round out the lighter notes there is a base of heliotrope flowers, musk , white cedarwood and georgywood which adds a slightly woody scent. This would make a beautiful gift for someone special at Christmas but be warned, you will probably want to keep it for yourself.

Missoni Eau de ToiletteMissoni Eau de Toilette bottleMissoni Eau de Toilette and Capture Your Style bookMissoni Eau de Toilette

Atkinsons Scilly Neroli

I’m pretty much obsessed with this scent. What a mood lifter! You seriously cannot help but smile and feel a little happier with life as soon as you spritz yourself in this beauty of a fragrance. This was my first time trying an Atkinsons fragrance and if the Scilly Neroli has anything to do with it, I am going to soon have to hunt out another one. Atkinsons has been around since 1799 and was established in London so let’s show them some respect.

 I LOVE this for the colder months because it makes me feel happy when I wear it. It reminds me of oranges and sunshine – all the good stuff. This has a citrusy lilt that will truly have you lifted in spirits. It is described as this ‘Embracing every sunlit Mediterranean facet of the orange blossom, from the essence of petitgrain to neroli and flower absolute, Scilly Neroli has a solar white florality amplified by sambac jasmine. Lemon and petitgrain are biting and cold overtop a subtropical breeze of salycilate. A mineral, aquatic Atlantic spume accord against granite rocks gives this fragrance its English seaside character before trailing off into a vaporous ambergris accord. The scent of sunbathing in marvellously mineral sea air.’

For me, this is a truly uplifting fragrance and I would recommend it to anyone!

Atkinsons Scilly NeroliAtkinsons Scilly Nerolipa140922pa140923Atkinsons Scilly Neroli bottle cap   

Miller Harris Vetiver Insolent

Another new one on the list – I had not tried Miller Harris fragrances before this post and what a shame because I’ve since fallen in love with several. So I’m a little disappointed this little love affair couldn’t have begun sooner. Miller Harris is a British perfumery and makes the most gorgeous fragrances. Very well thought out, elegant and smart fragrances where notes combine as if magic.

Vetiver Insolent is sexy, classy and unforgettable. It goes down just the right alley for me – it’s dark, smokey and reminds me of tobacco and leather. This is a unisex fragrance so can be used by a man or a woman and as a woman who quite likes male fragrances, this one is SUPERB. Vetiver Insolent (I love this name – so moody!) is described as ‘Grounding, earthy and smoky with undertones of grapefruit and asparagus. The vibrant top notes of Miller Harris Vetivert Insolent Eau de Parfum include grapefruit, bergamot and petit grain with a heart of vetiver. The vetiver accord; vetivert Haiti, vetiveryle acetate, oakmoss and iso butyl quinolene entwined with patchouli and santal grounded by soft top notes of tonka bean, nutmeg and musk to complete this great masterpiece.

And truly what a masterpiece it is. It’s the musk and patchouli that I find very sensual about this fragrance and the scent lingers and lasts for hours on the skin. Wear it during the winter months – it’s dark and sexy.

Miller Harris Vetiver InsolentMiller Harris Vetiver Insolentp1010941Miller Harris Vetiver Insolent

Shay & Blue Framboise Noire

This fragrance to me was a real surprise and I like that. A good surprise. I went into it expecting something slightly sweet but was totally caught off guard when a rich, dark notes of berries hit my nose. Think about the underbrush of a blackberry bramble and you will start to get the hint. There is something overripe and spicy about this fragrance. This is NOT a fruity floral. This is a deep, sexy fragrance that contains a rare blend of red and black berries with deep undertones. The darkness in this fragrance comes from black woods which makes me think of something antique and old but delicious. Something that has time on its side and has a history. I would say that this fragrance might not be for everyone but is reserved for the true fragrance connoisseurs.

Shay & Blue Framboise NoireShay & Blue Framboise NoireShay & Blue Framboise NoireShay & Blue Framboise Noire

Want Dsquared2 Pink Ginger

I have to admit that I’ve been wearing the Dsquared2 Want Pink Ginger almost every day since I got it. This is a fun fragrance with a sensuality – this is your cool, sexy girl in a bottle. It’s got a bit of spiciness in it which I like for autumn – a hint of warmth and sparkle. This fragrance is in my favourite family – the floriental group and the key note in it is pink ginger which is really unique. Pink Ginger is used in Japanese cuisine quite often and it has a kick and spiciness in it so I think it’s brilliant they put it in a fragrance! I love the bottle design on this as well with the bright pink ball topper – a true showstopper!

Want DSquared Pink Ginger and Want Dsquared2Want DSquared Pink GingerWant DSquared Pink GingerWant DSquared Pink Ginger

Want Dsquared2 Original

I do love a floriental and this Dsquared2 Want fragrance is a sweet, powdery and exotic one. The sweetness comes from a heavily vanilla base using both Madagascar vanilla and vanilla absolute with a backdrop of woody notes. It’s sweet but not light sweet if that makes sense – there is a heaviness about its sweetness that gives it a deeper tone. The top notes contain Mandarin orange with ginger and pink pepper which gives it spiciness. That spiciness is rounded out by a heart of Damask rose, neroli and heliotrope. As this turns on the skin I think it becomes more floral. This is a great fragrance that would suit almost any woman for either day or night – a fabulous all-rounder. The bottle shape is really fun as well with a white ball topper.

Want Dsquared2 OriginalWant Dsquared2 OriginalP8283568

Jasper Conran Nude

This is a beautiful and soft feminine scent that is completely justified by its name – this is a nude fragrance that reminds me soft blushing floral notes. I love this for autumn simply because it feels soft and comforting and oh so pretty.  Jasper Conran Nude Woman is a floral composition. The fragrance unfolds as you put it on your skin and with notes of Orris fused with subtle Amber and sensual Musk. This is topped up by fresh Gardenia, Magnolia and Orange Blossom. I think it’s the Orange Blossom that really gets me with this fragrance. For me this is a beautiful weekend fragrance to wear when you want to feel soft and pretty.

Jasper Conran NudeJasper Conran NudeP7302972

So there you have it! What are your favourite fragrances for autumn?

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