Pre-Holiday Body Prep – Tips & Tricks

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in the previous post but packing and prepping for holiday is often a lot of effort. Especially for a beach holiday, people often spend a lot of time worrying about what their body is going to look like in a swimsuit. I’ve managed to get my hands on a few products that allow you to get your pre-holiday body prep under control quickly and easily. And trust me, I don’t like a lot of effort so these products are truly genius for looking as toned and smooth as possible pre-holiday!


First up is the Mio Body Brush. Now I’ve been told to do body brushing for ages by my mother who does it to increase circulation and help flush any toxins that are lurking under the skin (hiding in cellulite). I did a test and tried body brushing for one week and I really did notice an improvement in the overall toning of my legs – especially my hips and thighs. I’ve got a tiny patch of cellulite on one leg that I just can’t seem to get rid of (okay, okay maybe I should exercise more) and the body brushing with the Mio Body Brush really helped. Body brushing should be done prior to showering or bathing.


Simply get stark naked (no biggie!) and start brushing in long strokes from the tops of your feet, slowly moving up. Strokes no matter where taken on the body should always be in the direction of the heart.


Another brilliant product if you are looking for body toning potions is the Mio Skin Tight Tightening Body Serum. The formula comes out in a gel and you simply need to apply this after showering or bathing to the areas that you want to tighten and tone. In my case, it’s that patch of cellulite. So if you are body brushing and using this serum on the areas of concern I do think you will notice a difference. I noticed that the whole bum/thigh area looked more lifted and that was without doing a single Brazilian Butt Lift workout.


Now we all know scrubs are the best things to use for smooth and glowing skin and I simply LOVE Frank Body Coffee Scrubs. I’ve got the Cacao and Original versions and the Cacao version smells like a mocha – seriously yum yum. Not only does this smell good enough to eat, it’s also fun to play with! Okay you may get the shower a bit messy but it’s all seriously good fun and these scrubs really do leave you with the softest skin.

Frank Body products contain only natural ingredients and no nasties. The smell of the coffee scrubs also seriously perk up the senses. I think the nose recognizes the scent of coffee and it naturally sparks your brain to wake up. Highly recommended to use in the morning as a scrub and then do the body brushing and serum in the evening. If you haven’t tried Frank Body Coffee Scrubs make sure you try them!

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Another product that Frank Body makes is Lip Balm and Lip Scrub Duo – the balm is a rich, thick formula that I really like to apply in the evening to prevent dry lips and is great for the plane on long-haul flights. The Frank Body Lip Scrub is also great to get your lips looking smooth and holiday prepped too. I love all the products I’ve tried so far from this brand!


So there you have it! Some body products that you can use that require minimal effort to get a more lifted, toned and glowing look!

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