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All the Way from L.A. – Is Blue Lotus the New Skincare Superpower?

I absolutely love discovering new brands and one that I’ve recently discovered that came to me all the way from L.A.!  I’ve been testing out some products from pur~lisse recently and I’ve been really happy with them – I’m excited tell you all about them! So the background on pur~lisse is that it was started by former Hollywood actress (and now skincare guru), Jennifer Yen who took the Asian-beauty wisdom she learned from her grandmother, partnered with advanced French cosmeceuticals and created pur~lisse. For my UK readers this a sneak peek into a brand you might not have heard of as it comes all the way from L.A. and for my US readers this might be a brand that you haven’t discovered yet! Also once you read this you too will wonder – is Blue Lotus the new skincare superpower? 


As you may know from reading my posts I love products with inspiration from Asia. I lived in Japan for four years and spent considerable timing learning about beauty in both Japan and Korea. The secret and key ingredients that lie in these products is White Tea and Blue Lotus which I have actually never come across before in skincare so I was already intrigued before I even tried any of the products out. The products also contain no harsh ingredients so are also deemed safe for sensitive skin. I was able to test out quite a bit of the range and I’m going to tell you all about it now. 


Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum

Okay I’m not sure about you but I’ve always shown the first signs of ageing around the eyes. The skin there is a bit more fragile and delicate so it makes sense why we get old around our eyes first! I like using an eye serum because sometimes I get product around my eye and it stings so if you use an eye serum (that is especially meant to be applied around that area) it won’t sting. This pur~lisse Blue Lotus Eye Serum is four products in one – that is it targets wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration. I thought this sank in quite well and felt soothing on the eye area. It also is NOT greasy so you can apply your eye make-up afterwards with ease. Along with working on those four key areas, the Blue Lotus helps to protect against free radical damage. It’s chock-full of antioxidants!


Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk

One of my favourite products in the collection is the pur~lisse Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk. This feels amazing on the face in the morning. It’s great for morning use as it is gentle and leaves skin pure and clean without stripping it. It’s sulfate and soap free as well. Again the Blue Lotus ingredient is an antioxidant powerhouse and the White Tea helps rejuvenate. Monday mornings might be a bit easier to face with this stuff. 


Blue Lotus + White Tea Treatment Sheet Mask (Pack of 6)

Another favourite product from the range are the pur~lisse sheet masks! Sheet masks as I’m sure you have heard of are super popular and came from Korea but have been used in Asia for awhile now. They are a great way to give your skin a super boost in 20 minutes – using one is literally like giving your skin a long drink of water. I LOVE the Blue Lotus + White Tea Sheet Mask – I actually used it on the weekend when my skin was showing the signs of a frantic week. I was looking haggard, to be quite frank. I used this on a Saturday night and on Sunday morning my skin did look plumper and much fuller – the tiredness looked reduced significantly. There is also White Mulberry in this mask that helps to brighten the skin and Anise helps to firm it. Just leave them on 15/20 min and then massage the rest of the remaining serum into the skin. 


Blue Lotus + Seaweed Treatment Sheet Mask (Pack of 6)

The second kind of sheet mask you can choose is the Blue Lotus + Seaweed sheet mask. This mask is more nourishing with the minerals from the seaweed so great for tired skin (like mine). I left this on for 20 minutes and my skin felt a lot more plump and moisturised. Highly recommended for a Sunday night!


Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

So one thing that is big in Asian beauty is sun-protection. The Asians are very clever about being smart in the sun. Women go to great lengths to wear SPF and cover skin in the sun – no wonder they age so well! So I do love a moisturiser with an SPF and I’ve found that the Asian brands do them very well. You know how sometimes you get an SPF moisturiser that just crumbles into little oily balls on your face and ruin your make-up? I usually don’t have that issue with most Asian brands. This Blue Lotus SPF30 Daily Moisturizer is quite good if you want some sun protection but want a lightweight cream at the same time. Again I didn’t find this greasy and it didn’t leave any white streaks on the skin. The power ingredient is again Blue Lotus for the antioxidants and this product also contains Algae extracts too.


Blue Lotus Brightening Serum

I always tell people that serum is the key – serum is the most important skincare product you can use after sun protection. It’s what is going to reach way, way down into the cells to provide real anti-ageing benefits. This pur~lisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum is really lovely and lightweight  – if you are in the hurry in the morning it’s good because you don’t have to wait a long time for this to sink in – it is almost instant and then you can get your moisturiser on top right away. The serum contains 9 powerful plant extracts that work on uneven skin tone (what I suffer from), dullness, discoloration and age spots. Sometimes when I use products that target these things they can be too harsh but this serum is really lovely and didn’t cause any break-outs. 

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