A Three-Week Skincare Diary

It’s hard getting older, I know. In regards to skin, you experience volume loss which means you lose that plump and lifted look of your youth. Sad, I know! However there are ways to combat this. There is nothing wrong with ageing – it’s more about looking and feeling good for as long as you can. My biggest ageing concerns have always been fine lines, volume loss and pigmentation. Therefore, I wanted to create a three-week skincare diary using a new product. 

I’ve recently been testing out the new Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X. This cream is clinically proven – 82% of women considering a facial cosmetic lifting procedure were impressed by the results. The cream is designed to work like an ultrasound treatment to help stimulate collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X and three week skincare diary

First of all however, let me say that I’ve been a long-time fan of Avon and have been using their skincare since my teens when the catalogues used to arrive at my house. It was not only effective but also affordable and I’ve often come back to Avon through the years, even though I’ve used much more expensive skincare. What I’ve learned though is it isn’t always about the price tag – it’s about the effectiveness. The price tag doesn’t necessarily determine how good a skin cream is. What I’ve always appreciated about Avon is that they have kept their prices fair but have not decreased the quality or effectiveness of their products. 

So when I was approached to test out the new Avon Lift & Firm Face Lifting Cream I did not hesitate! I tested this for a full 3 weeks and tracked how I got on with the cream for the full three weeks. Here’s what I experienced…

Week 1:

On the week I started using the Avon Lift & Firm face cream I hopped onto a long-haul flight and headed from London to Busan, South Korea for two weeks. I had to change planes twice – once in Paris and another time in Seoul so by the time I got to my destination I had been travelling straight for 24 hours. And I DID NOT sleep on the plane. So therefore I was more than a little bit tired when I arrived at my final stop. And when I feel tired, I look tired. My skin looked slackened and haggard from the long flight and definitely looked like it needed a moisture boost. The dry air in the plane had exaggerated my fine lines around the sides of my eyes, which were begging for a drink. 

Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X

So what did I do when I arrived in Korea? Well I arrived first thing in the morning so not only had I not slept but I had the entire day ahead of me! So I quickly had a shower and then when getting ready, popped the lid off the Avon Lift & Firm cream and then applied over my usual serum. The consistency of the cream is lovely – it’s quite light but still hydrating at the same time and it felt refreshing on my dried and slackened skin. The cream sinks in easily and goes well under make-up.

I continued to apply the cream to my skin – both morning and night for the next 7 days while in Korea. I noticed that day by day, my skin began to come back from the dead – it looked more refreshed and lifted and indeed perkier. 

Week 2:

By week 2 I had nearly recovered from the jet lag and was well into my holiday in South Korea. My skin was looking better and better everyday due to a combination of sleep and good nutrition (lots of kimchi and garlic!) However due to the busyness of the holiday, I was still out and about everyday in a busy city. The weather was quite warm but still mild as it was spring.

I carried on using the Avon Lift & Firm cream. What I noticed in regards to skin changes actually came out in selfies taken with my iPhone. I compared my selfies to the selfies from 2 weeks before and could instantly see the difference in how much more refreshed my skin looked but also lifted and plumped. Of course a holiday helps but also be mindful that this holiday was on the other side of the world (meaning big jet lag) and also quite busy (out and about everyday from morning to night) so therefore wasn’t necessarily a ‘restful’ holiday. Despite this my skin looked certainly more lifted and plumped and not quite as haggard as before. 

Avon Lift and Firm Face Lifting Cream with PolyPeptide-X

Week 3: 

It was week 3 when I headed back to London via Seoul and Amsterdam. Another 24 hours of travel = not happy skin. Luckily I had a red-eye flight meaning it was overnight so I was able to get some shut eye which actually saved me in the end because when I arrived on the other side in London I didn’t feel quite as bad as I normally do.

And what I noticed most of all when arriving back is that my friends and family said how glowing and refreshed I looked with plumper skin. This is how I realised that whatever I had been doing – including using the Avon Lift & Firm cream – it was certainly working! I also felt my skin didn’t look nearly as bad as it usually did after flying long-haul. My nasolabial folds from my nose to mouth also didn’t look so deep – they appeared more lifted and firm. 

After 3 weeks of using the Avon Lift & Firm cream I was out of cream and used it down to the last drop. I was very happy with the consistency of the cream and that my face did look more lifted after using. All in all, a very affordable way to lift the skin! I hope you enjoyed my skincare diary!

*This post was in collaboration with Avon but all views are as always my own!


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