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Aftercare for Dermal Fillers and Why It’s So Important

Dermal fillers, when done correctly can make such a difference to your face, especially when you are in your 30s and you just need a bit of a boost. For me, it was always about looking less tired. I’ve had very natural and temporary fillers recently in my cheekbones to help lift the nasolabial folds (lines from nose to lips) and it’s made such a difference. My face definitely looks less tired after having them done. I wanted to write a post on aftercare for dermal fillers because I don’t think we are often told the proper information once we’ve had fillers and it’s SO important to follow professional advice. 

aftercare for dermal fillers

I visited The London Dolls a few weeks ago for a filler treatment after hearing that they offered Profihlo which are mini injections of hyaluronic acid to naturally plump the skin. However, for the solution I was looking for (less heaviness on the nasolabial folds), I was recommended a bit of filler at the top of the cheeks that would just help to make my face look a little more lifted.

aftercare for dermal fillers

The London Dolls offers multiple face and beauty treatments as well as aesthetics and they also do brow lamination, which is very trendy these days! One thing I think people don’t talk enough about however is aftercare for dermal fillers. The London Dolls gave me a very useful aftercare sheet which I think is great to share because often people are unaware of the side effects of fillers and what to expect after getting dermal fillers. This information I’m sharing is from The London Dolls directly so has been given professionally.

The london dolls hackney The london dolls hackney

Once you are given dermal fillers, you can expect your face to feel a bit sore. I had a light headache and my face felt sore for about two days after. You can also experience redness and a bit of swelling but this will fade after about 2 days. It’s also possible to bruise from the injection point but again, this fades fairly quickly. Some of these effects may last 7-14 days so it’s just more about educating people on the aftercare for dermal fillers as I don’t think this is always widely shared.

aftercare for dermal fillers


One thing you should do after getting dermal fillers is keep well hydrated. 2-3 Liters of water is recommended over the 3 days so make sure you are getting the proper hydration that your body needs.

aftercare for dermal fillers


This is quite a big one, as alcohol causes inflammation in the body so it’s VERY important that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours after getting a treatment. It’s also worth noting that alcohol in general breaks down filler so heavy drinking will reduce the life of your filler treatments.


Another thing that people don’t understand is that filler can move and be displaced so what you do after the 48 hours post treatment is very important. You should avoid strenuous activity as well as extreme heat – think saunas and steam rooms. A big no-no.

aftercare for dermal fillers


If you do experience swelling, you can ice the area. You can also take arnica tablets or apply arnica creams if you experience swelling or bruising at the injection point.

aftercare for dermal fillers


You must always wear SPF anyways but it’s really important to note that sunshine actually breaks down filler so it won’t last as long if you are exposed to direct sunlight. So, wear a high SPF to both protect your skin and the breakdown of your filler so it lasts longer.

aftercare for dermal fillers


In terms of aftercare for dermal fillers you should avoid AHAs and glycolic acids around the area post-treatment because skin may be more sensitive in that area. Also keep the area sterile and don’t repeatedly touch your face with unwashed hands.

aftercare for dermal fillers aftercare for dermal fillers


You can take painkillers and Paracetemol is your best option. If you do take Aspirin or any blood-thinning painkillers just note that you might experience increased bruising around the area.

Last but not least ALWAYS SEE A PROFESSIONAL. Dermal fillers need to be administered by a qualified professional with years of training and experience. It’s your face, look after it!

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  1. August 2, 2023 / 11:57 am

    Loved your post a lot!

    Nearly all points are discussed here. However, I would like to add that facials or saunas should also be avoided for 4 hours after the treatment.

    Keep publishing such interesting posts for us.

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