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Taking the 90-Day Hair Challenge: A Quest for Fuller, Thicker Hair

First of all, let me start out by saying I haven’t ever used any hair products to help me ‘thicken’ my hair. Sadly I wasn’t blessed with thick luscious locks but instead have very fine, almost baby-like hair and tend to stare in jealousy at Pantene Pro V hair commercials. However, now I’ve finally had a chance to fight against genetics for those thick locks! Enter the Viviscal 90-Day Challenge…

Taking the 90-Day Hair Challenge

90 Day Hair Challenge

I was lucky enough to win one of 30 spots to try the Viviscal 90 Days Challenge with Good Housekeeping Magazine. I was invited to Michaeljohn salon (Knightsbridge Salon) in Knightsbridge for a wash, treatment and blow dry using Viviscal products.

I have to be honest. Usually when it comes to a blow dry I tend to get slightly nervous. Because I have such fine hair and a tender head, I hate it when I feel like a hairdresser is being rough with my hair-which is almost always-at least in my mind. When I leave a hairdressers I always feel like I have lost half of my hair which usually results in a tear or two. In summary-going to the hairdressers for me is almost the same as going to the dentist. I don’t like it. Although it never stops me from going anyways! I am usually always fearless in the name of beauty…almost anyways.


90 Day Hair Challenge


90 Day Hair Challenge

In regards to my skin, I am usually more than happy to try a million products but with my hair I feel very protective. However, with a product like Viviscal that is actually a full hair programme with supplements, hair serum, etc. I feel like it is definitely worth a shot.

Recently there have been a number of thickening products to hit the hair shelves and I have jumped on the bandwagon, using L’Oreal Fibrology to thicken up my hair. I have also found that using dry shampoo and washing my hair every two days has been an ABSOLUTE lifesaver for my hair. I used to wash my hair everyday religiously which dried it out and turned it into a frizzy mess. Dry shampoo has been an absolute godsend for my hair and I really feel this has made my hair so much healthier. Don’t wash your hair everyday unless you absolutely have to! Remember…less really is more!

Post-treatment - ProductsPost-treatment - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 1

Viviscal products have been developed with 20 years of research behind it…and scientific results are always appreciated in the beauty world. Hair growth is influenced by a wide range of factors including diet, overstyling, heat treatments, hair extensions (I have a horror story from these that I may reveal at a later date!), hormones, stress, genetics, colouring, etc.

Again…stress…it’s a killer. Hair growth can be affected by a stressful life experience including bereavement, shock, moving house and getting married!

90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines 90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines 90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines

The Viviscal 90-Day Challenge involves taking supplements twice a day, which contain the marine protein complex AminoMar C – exclusive to Viviscal. I will also be using the Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner which are naturally derived and also paraben-free.

90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines 90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines 90 Day Hair Challenge - Medicines

I was also given a type of hair powder which binds to the hair and gives the illusion of fuller hair. This can be applied to the scalp on thin areas.  I have been using it by my temples, where I find that most people’s hair thins out. The fibers are made with keratin and have electrostatic coating which binds it to the hair shaft, building hair density and greater coverage.

90 Day Hair Challenge - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 2

Watch this space on my quest for fuller, thicker hair! I will revisit this in 67 days…

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