Company Magazine’s ‘Rising Stars’ Music Party

The Company Magazine’s ‘Rising Stars’ Party has convinced of one thing: I don’t make it out to East London quite often enough. I have to admit that I am a West London girl but I felt a bit of hipster envy at the party, which was held at the cool Queen of Hoxton; a bar, art gallery and club near Shoreditch and a short walk from Liverpool Street station. The best thing about this bar? Each of its three floors has a different vibe to it; from the dark basement to the sunny (we hope anyways) rooftop bar with great views of the city.

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The Rising Stars night was all about showcasing new stars on the music scene in London. We were able to hear live music sessions from fab new artists Laurel and Rainy Milo. We saw Laurel first, who had an amazing sultry voice which she intertwines with piano, beats and strings. Laurel pens and produces her own music and is from near Southhampton. My personal favourite was ‘To the Hills’.

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We saw Rainy Milo perform next and she gave a great performance with ‘jazz-inspired hip-hop’. I was really impressed by the way she just seemed to be a part of the music in the way she moved on stage.

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After the performance it was time to get a tutorial in how to do a fishtail sidebraid by Blown Avenue. Fishtails are really easy to do and I find they work better in not freshly washed hair as you need some rough texture to work with. Once you get used to doing them they should only take about five minutes.

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First steps in creating the perfect fishtail sidebraid

Ingredients for a perfect fishtail sidebraid?

1. Dry hair

2. Texturising spray if you have just washed your hair (as otherwise your hair will be too soft and slippery to work with).

3. Hair Spray

4. Hair Powder or dry shampoo (for texture)

1. Spray a few pumps of texturising spray into dry hair and blast dry with a hot blow-dryer to create texture and help the braid hold.

2. Pull your hair across to one side, reach around the back of your head and gather your hair on the side. Pull it in front of your shoulder and split it into two equal pieces as you would if you were doing a normal three-strand braid (except this time you’re only going to braid with two strands). Take a small amount of hair from underneath one of the strands, wrap over the hair and join it to the other strand.

3. Take another small amount of hair from underneath the second strand, wrap it up and over and join it to the first section. Repeat this from side to side, taking a new small amount of hair from each side each time until you reach the end of the braid.

4. Secure the end with a hair tie, loosen up the braid with your hands and spray with hairspray to finish the shape and sprinkle a little hair powder through your hair to add extra texture.

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Finished product


Banish bad hair days forever with the fabulous fishtail!



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