Perfume Society Fragrance Education Box: Jo from Patent Purple Life Guest Posts on Her Top Picks

My favourites from the Perfume Society Subscriber Box.

I am Jo from Patent Purple Life and I am a big fragrance fan. The Perfume Society Subscribe Box is a small but perfectly designed (just like Jamie) box of fine scent goodies.  It contains samples of fragrances from the key fragrance families along with some information about the fragrance and a guide as to what to look for in the fragrance.  It is a great introduction to the world of scent and I thankful to Jamie for sharing her corner of cyberspace with me – I am really happy to be sharing my top three all of you.  Lets see if Jamie and I have picked the same ones!


Dali Wild – Salvador Dali

This fragrance is from the ‘Woody’ family but on first sniff you get a freshness with strong white flower element.  The freshness is yuzu – a Japanese citrus fruit and the white flowers are tuberose and gardenia – two of my favourites.  I have to say that I am surprised that this fragrance is classified as woody because it is very floral on my skin.

PS 2

Lady Million – Paco Rabanne

This  is an interesting one for me because with the initial spray, you get a very strong raspberry note, and I am not a huge fan of fruity fragrances and this fragrance is a floriental.  As it dries down however, the neroli comes through and again the white flowers (jasmine and gardenia).  The amber honey and patchouli base is a lovely change from more woody or musk fragrances and dries drown to a warm floral elements. For me it is an evening fragrance.

PS 3

Chloe – Chloe 

A floral and unashamedly so.  If like me you are not a fan or roses but you want something pretty and feminine this is a great option.  Freesia top and middle notes and more amber and honey in the base.  Cedarwood gives it depth and helps with the longevity.  Love it.

PS 4

So I’m a floral girl!!  Which fragrance family are you most drawn to?


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  1. August 12, 2014 / 10:39 pm

    I love florals. Chloe is such a beautiful perfume!

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