Playing With My Hair: The Highlights

Recently I have been playing around with my hair. This all began at Tatiana Hair Extensions in Kensington. Tatiana is an extensions expert and manages the extensions of the stars. She is the go-to for extensions!


So when I had a chance to visit her shop and play around with the hair extensions myself, I was really pleased by the result. Tatiana uses real European and Russian hair for the hair extensions. I was able to try the clip in version of the Russian Hair, which matched my own wheaten blond locks perfectly.



Once the extensions were put in, voilà, suddenly I had thick, luscious hair that I’ve always wanted. The hair I tried costs around £500, which is a good price if you think about the longevity of the hair and if you will be using it everyday.


IMG_4834 IMG_4835

My hair is very fine and although I have been told there are a lot of individual hairs, the hair itself is so fine that it does tend to look on the thin side. In order to recreate the look of the thick locks I saw at Tatiana’s I compiled a few tools in my hair toolkit.

Tool #1: Envy Dual Fix 12 


This retails at £19.95 and I do believe it is worth it as it delivers a bang for the buck. It is a professional hair treatment that can repair all sorts of hair types. With Keratin Amino Acids and Silk Proteins, it coats the hair to make it feel sleeker and smoother.


There are two ways to use this product. The first is to use it as an intensive treatment and apply generously to dry hair and then blow dry roughly until the hair is dry. Afterwards shampoo and condition as normal. This type of treatment is meant to be used monthly.

The second way to use this product is to use it in the shower on a weekly basis on wet hair. Shampoo and then apply to wet hair, leave one minute and then rinse and condition as normal. This is the way I used it as my hair is not severely damaged but needed a boost.

I definitely felt that my hair was silkier and smoother after this.

I also like to use the Sebastian Drynamic Dry Hair Shampoo to carry in my bag for any oily hair emergencies or if my hair feels limp.

Tool #2: Sexy Hair


I like the Healthy Sexy Hair ‘Soya Want It All’ which is a leave-in treatment for hair containing soy, cocoa and argan oil. The Big Sexy Hair Volumising Dry Hair Shampoo is also great to give your hair some texture, especially if you are creating a side braid or updo.


Tool #3: Wella Ocean Spritz Dry

This product is good on a day after you have shampooed your hair to create that ‘I just came off the beach’ look.



Tool #4: Diva Professional Beach Curls Wand


DSCF9670   DSCF9673        This is a fun tool to use to create sexy beach curls! And you get to wear a heat protective glove which is always fun. This titanium styling wand is perfect for creating random, natural beach curls. The wand heats up super fast, within seconds so there is no waiting around for ages. There are also a range of heat settings which made me feel better as I could put it on a lower setting.


Playing with the Diva Beach Curls Wand

DSCF9705   DSCF9710  DSCF9712

Tool #5 Get a professional blow-dry at the L’Oreal Hair Studios

For a fabulous, full look with lots of volume…sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

IMG_4402IMG_4399 - Copy



  1. August 4, 2014 / 1:05 am

    Great post!! your hair (and extensions) definitely look stunning! 🙂 <3

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