Happy Organic Beauty Week!

Happy Organic Beauty Week (starting on the 8th of September)! I thought I would celebrate slightly early because I have recently discovered two amazing organic brands. One is from the US and one is from the UK and on one of them I am going to be focusing on body care and the other on face care. Organic products make a difference not only to beauty but also to our beloved planet. Here are two of my new favourites:



This brand hails from L.A., the motherland of organic-loving, health-food advocates. The founders of the brand used their own children as their inspiration to create healthy and safe products. I can’t think of better inspiration than that!

Organic products have to go through rigorous testing to be labelled as ‘organic’ so it’s a rather big accomplishment when they are. Erbaviva has a line for babies and also mothers-to-be as these are two groups who most need to watch what they put in and on their bodies. I want to focus on bodycare with this brand and show you my favourites from their collection.


I recently have been reading a lot about aluminium and other nasties in our everyday deodorant so was really excited to see that Erbaviva has created an award-winning organic deodorant. Seriously, I never thought I would be so excited about deodorant! I have a full-size Jasmine & Grapefruit (100ml) and also a small travel-size Lemon & Sage deodorant (30ml). The Jasmine & Grapefruit is great to keep at home to use in the morning and I carry the Lemon & Sage with me in my handbag for freshening up during the day. The scent is heavenly and I feel better using this instead of my regular deodorant which contains aluminium. I tested this on a hot day and thought it did a good job!

The organic deodorants contain powerful essential oils that fight bacteria under the arm for safe and pure bacterial and odor protection and can be used on men or women.



Another favourite product I have from Erbaviva is their Relax Spray. I like it because you can use it on linen (hello pillow!), clothes, on the body or as a room spray. It is truly a multi-tasking product. The spray has aromatherapy benefits from a blend of oils that are infused in a base of organic alchohol. I love the Relax Spray because it actually makes me feel relaxed and soothed with the essential oils of lavender, rose and neroli. I can’t stop spraying it everywhere and on anything. Lovely.


Erbaviva not only makes high-quality organic products but also does good and supports The Blink Now Foundation as well as projects in Thailand and Burma. All of Erbaviva’s products are compassionately made by hand at the company’s own renewable energy powered facility in Southern California. This is certainly a company that practices what it preaches.


Since Erbaviva has taken care of the body now let’s talk about organic care for the face with a lovely UK brand.

Pink’s Boutique


Pink’s Boutique is a luxury organic spa range that is also available to try at home. I have an anti-age facial ‘try me kit’ which I thought was the perfect size to enjoy the best of their anti-ageing products. I also think this is a great size for travelling if you are away for a few days. The owners of the brand had a desire for organic products and a fascination with Asia and the exotic ingredients of Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. They took these ingredients and blended them at home to create Pink’s Boutique, which was the only complete professional organic spa range at that time.


The ‘try me set’ comes in a beautiful brown box that is also gift wrapped so would make a great present for someone and it’s a great buy at £20.00. Inside are minis of the Deep Cleansing Melt, Ocha Organic Toner, Anti-Ageing Serum, Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser and Night Balm. There are info cards about each product that tells you what they do and also the box contains a sprinkling of rose petals which is a lovely touch. It’s the little things, right?



The first step is to use the Deep Cleansing Melt which really does melt into your skin. The instructions say to massage this onto the skin for about two minutes to remove all make-up and impurities and also to give your face a massage to increase circulation and revive your cells with fresh oxygenated blood. Within the blend are antioxidants camellia and natural vitamin E which promote cell rejuvenation and help combat the effects of free radicals and ageing. I loved the rich and thick feel of the balm and the way my skin felt very soft after using it.


Next up is the Ocha toner and serum. I don’t often use a toner because I can’t be bothered to use a cotton pad to wipe my face and don’t like toners that contain alcohol. However, this mini toner is a spray-on which I love as it is easy to apply and preps the skin before applying the Anti-Ageing Serum.

The serum is a little powerhouse of goodies – packed full of natural plant extracts, antioxidant rich oils and essential fatty acids omega 3, 6. and 9. Super-charged rosehip,scientifically proven to reduce the signs of ageing and sun damage,works in harmony with avocado, apricot and jojoba oils to rejuvenate and restore skin cells with a boost of Vitamin A, C and E. It’s like a smoothie for your skin. I loved the texture, smell and feel of this serum and after a couple of days of using this I thought my skin actually looked clearer and was glowing. I would recommend using the serum at night but I did use in once on a weekend day and mixed it in with my foundation for sheer coverage.


Follow the serum with the Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser during the day and with the Night Balm at night. The Moisturiser is lightweight enough for the day while the Night Balm is thick and rich for the night.

I was really happy with both of these organic brands and with that, I plan on having a very Happy Organic Week. Here’s to organic and to our lovely planet!




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