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Christmas Gift Picks For Him

It’s so hard to shop for guys sometimes, whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, nephew, son, grandfather, uncle, boss etc. Men are the hardest for me to shop for no matter what the season and Christmas always leaves me scratching my head for what to get them for Christmas. I mean, what do they really want? Here are some ideas…



Hugo Boss-Boss



This scent is the classic man scent and I found it to be light and not too serious despite the name ‘Boss’. This would be a great daytime scent for a man, especially one who likes a light smell. With top notes of apple, heart notes of geranium and cinnamon and base notes of a sensual woody notes, this is a fabulous fragrance that would appeal to a wide range of men. Which makes it a perfect gift if you aren’t sure what he likes!

Rockabilly Speaker



This speaker is really a unisex gift but it would make a great gift for a man who likes to work out while travelling and needs something portable. Perhaps it can be for the businessman who takes trips for works and wants to do a few sit ups or push ups in the hotel room? This speaker is super convenient and really makes a difference when using it with your phone as opposed to simply using your phone speakers alone. It packs a punch for its size and would make a great gift for a variety of ages.

John Varvatos



The John Varvatos cologne is described as a ‘bold, modern and sophisticated scent with a refined masculine intrigue.’ I do think this is a more ‘formal’ scent for the man who takes his grooming seriously. I think this cologne would be suited to a specific man-one who is well-groomed, sophisticated and likes a real rock and roll look to his fragrance. The background of the scent is a rich woodiness with balsamic, ambery and leather undertones with malt and touches of vanilla extract. Yum.

Jack Wills Boxer Short Gift Set



Boys, boys. Sometimes they just don’t seem to restock their boxers enough or rely on their wives, girlfriends or mothers do the underwear shopping for them. In this case, Jack Wills makes it easy for the gift buyer because in addition to bath and body care products, he also gets a new pair of lovely boxer shorts. The approachable and preppy nature of Jack Wills products also makes this a perfect gift for son, brother, husband or boyfriend.

‘Like’ Coffee Mug



Coffee – without it how would some of us function in the morning? Coffee is a mood booster and it’s amazing how grumpy you can feel before that cup of Joe and how much your mood lifts after the caffeine hits your bloodstream. This ‘Like’ mug is brilliant and a perfect gift for the man who likes to check his social feed in the morning and have his coffee at the same time.

Paperchase Portable Robo Charger (works with iPhone)



Angry because he didn’t text you back or answer your call? It might be because his phone died! This portable charger from Paperchase makes it easy to never let him use that excuse again.

Coqui Coqui Agave Cologne



Coqui Coqui launched this year in Fenwicks and came to us all the way from Mexico. Their unique blends and quirky packaging make a unique gift for the man who likes to groom. I love their Agave Cologne – it’s sexy yet wearable at the same time with a unique scent that has a cool story to go with it as well. Legend says, that during the colonization of the new world, the Franciscan monks, while entrusted by the Queen of Spain, picked flowers, woods and exotic herbs together with the Mayan natives in the remote land of the Yucatan Peninsula.

So many species were found, that the monks, little by little, began to create a large botanical catalogue, giving rise to the most original eau de cologne, emulsions and lotion formulas, as well as introducing perfumes mixed with essential oils, using native flora from the Yucatan Peninsula.

Nicolas Malleville, a contemporary landscape architect and perfumer, decided to embark on a trip to Yucatan with a clear objective in mind: recover the monks’ old formulas and fuse them together with the legacy of ancient Mayan medicine.

Tell this story when you give this gift and he will have a new appreciation for your thoughtfulness in choosing it.



  1. December 7, 2014 / 1:41 am

    Brilliant ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂 Lucy x

    • December 7, 2014 / 2:16 pm

      Thanks Lucy-no problem and thanks for reading!

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