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Top Three November Fragrance Finds by Beauty Rocks

Fragrance. It’s something that is very personal and can make you feel flirty, sophisticated, commanding, sexy, confident and more. I tend to keep several fragrances on hand for different moods and here I have chosen my top three favourites for November. These will be my go-to scents for every mood under the sun I happen to be feeling on that day or want to feel for that matter.

I tend to go to a department store or perfume one-stop shop like The Perfume Shop when looking for fragrances as I can smell so many at once. I try not to overwhelm my nose however, with each visit so tend to scent test just four to five each time. I spray blotters and keep them in my bag to return to them later to see if the scent has changed or if I still like it. Once I have done this I then return to the shop to pick my winner. And the fragrances I have chosen for November are truly winners in my book.


First I want to start with Chloe. This is such a feminine, classic scent and the smell lasts through the day. I honestly haven’t seen a perfume that can last as long as the lingering scent of Chloe and was really impressed with the staying power of the fragrance. I could still smell it on my wrists for hours after spritzing them. The scent is a truly floral feminine scent for the classy woman. And I can’t emphasise how pretty the bottle is. It is simple but effectively luxurious. With a heart of rose, top notes of lychee and base notes of honey, this is truly a one-of-a-kind.




Next I want to talk about my man, Marc Jacobs. Is there anything that he can’t do? Daisy Dream is simply that- dreamy and whimsical with its gorgeous bottle. This is a talking point fragrance on various levels. One spritz of this and you will be transported into a floral and fruity dream. This is a floral fragrance with a fruity twist with top notes of blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear. The fragrance is great for everyday wear and can go from day to a fun night out on the town.




The last but not least of my top three picks is the newly launched Calvin Klein Reveal. I think I love this fragrance so much because it has a more serious appeal. There is something very different about this fragrance that takes it away from the florals and fruity based fragrances. It has a masculinity to it and I do believe that it could be used as a unisex scent.

It is defined as falling in a new fragrance category, the ‘solar oriental’, characterised by intriguing duality, unexpected freshness and enveloping warmth. This is a fragrance that will have people asking you, ‘what are you wearing?’ The reason that this fragrance is so unique is due to its raw salt signature that captures traces of the erotic scent of skin. With a heart of orris and a drydown of sensual sandalwood, this is truly an original. This is the fragrance to wear when you are feeling (or want to feel) confident, unique and sexy.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that it has my own initials on the bottle. Monogrammed gifts are the in thing!





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