Beauty Rocks: December Top Picks

Christmas is just around the corner! I am like a little kid at Christmas and I can barely contain my excitement at the thought of being with friends and family, eating lots of food and giving gifts. Plus a few days off never hurt anyone either!

I have gathered together my faves from this month and included some gifts I will be giving my nearest and dearest.

1. Balance Me

I love Balance Me, they are one of my favourite natural brands. Natural brands are competing more and more with non-natural brands because they are backed by science. Balance Me has great products for a reasonable price point. Case in point below – Rose Otto Body Wash – lovely rosy smell and no nasty sulphates. It also contains a blend of skin-quenching essential oils – rose otto, palma rosa and mood-balancing rose geranium. Mood balancing? Better use this one in the morning.

Hand cream is also where Balance Me excels. With the cold weather, indoor heating and frequent washing – well, this certainly takes its toll on hands. Enter in the ‘Super Protecting Hand Cream Set’ . My favourite of the two has to be the Rose Otto. It will make your hands feel nourished and velvety-smooth.

DSC_0627 DSC_0628

2. Asda ‘Made With Love Slipper Sock Set’

This little cracker of a gift is only £10.00! Which makes it perfect for a Secret Santa gift where usually the budget is a tenner per person. I take Secret Santa pretty seriously so if I got this gift I would be extremely pleased. The slipper socks are a dream to wear around the house – very cosy indeed. Also comes with bath salts, foot cream and a bath fizzer. Great value present!



3. British Beauty Blogger Eye Pencil Collection

If you have ever wanted to have every colour of eye pencil here it is! There are eight colours in this collection – from light blue to a sparkly black (my favourite). British Beauty blogger, AKA Jane Cunningham has created these with M&S. I love it when bloggers collaborate with big brands and Jane is a beauty journalist who has been in the industry for years so knows a thing or two about beauty!

I am planning to wear the black sparkly liner for New Year’s Eve – its unique texture and added sparkle adds an extra edge to the eye and is certainly a twist to the regular, plain old black liner. I’ve been using pencil liners for awhile now because I find them easier to use to draw a straight line on my eyelids.




 4. GlamGlow


I first loved GlamGlow for YOUTHMUD – a tingling sensation of a mud mask combined with an exfoliating treatment. It left my skin soft and smooth and had a toning effect. Used in Hollywood behind the scenes for a few years, word soon spread and this YOUTHMUD became big!


I’ve been eager to try GlamGlow THIRSTYMUD and GlamGlow POWERMUD since.

POWERMUD is a mud to oil cleansing mask. The clay mask removes built up impurities and as it only needs to stay on for about ten minutes, it’s very easy to apply quickly and then remove. As soon as you use water, the clay turns into a cleansing oil, which feels very soothing to the skin and removes any remaining impurities brought up by the clay. This is a great mask for someone with dry skin as it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry and stripped of moisture afterwards.


THIRSTYMUD I had heard great things about from other bloggers so wanted to see for myself. It boasts 4 of the newest, most advanced and extreme hydration active technologies, providing deep and instant extreme hydration for long, medium and short term results. What I liked about it is that it can be applied on international flights as it goes on like a lotion – to keep skin from getting dried out.


 6. Concoction

Concoction is a very cool new concept in haircare. Their formulas allow you to actually create your own shampoo and in this recent trend of personalisation, well, this is pretty exciting! I chose to create my own shampoo ‘concoction’ and went with a base Nourish & Protect Shampyou in Black Pepper + Citrus because it sounded invigorating. Once you choose a base shampoo you can then choose two superserum shots to add into the shampoo, effectively creating your own bespoke shampoo. Pretty neat right?

My two superserum shot choices were based on what I believe my hair needs so I went with ‘Gimme More Moisture’ and ‘Turn up the Volume’. The fragrance of my own Concoction smells delicious and is invigorating, just as I expected. Creating the actual shampoo is also fun and this makes a fabulous and unique gift for any lover of beauty.



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