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I recently had the opportunity to receive a consultation and review the services at The Pulse Light Clinic in London. When you hear the name ‘Pulse Light Clinic’ you instantly think of light therapy – which is exactly right. Lasers can treat a variety of skin issues these days and let’s just say we are lucky to be living in the age of laser treatments, which have now become so accessible.



The Pulse Light Clinic offers a wide range of services from Laser Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal to Hyperpigmentation Treatments and Photo Rejuvenation.

I was particularly interested in the Photo Rejuvenation service. What is Photo Rejuvenation you ask? It is a non-invasive and low risk IPL treatment which can improve the visible signs of ageing, skin pigmentation from sun damage and rosacea. It can even reduce large pores and revitalise a dull complexion, producing smoother, even-toned and more youthful skin. Isn’t that what we all want?

A lot of people hear about IPL and most of the time, think it has to do with hair removal. But in fact, IPL can do sooo much more. So what exactly does IPL do and how does it work on the skin?

IPL supplies a broad spectrum of light, which reaches down down down into the deepest depths of the skin (where creams and such don’t go) and where it makes some real change and improvements. The light intensity can be heightened or lowered depending on what is being treated so treatments can be bespoke for each client. Once on the skin, the light energy is transformed into heat energy and the target imperfection is fragmented and absorbed without damage to the surrounding tissue. Like a light sabre obliterating everything in its path (now I’m thinking of Star Wars!).


The reason I chose Photo Rejuvenation was to tackle old spots that just never seemed to fade away. As I am getting older, if I have a spot, it feels like it takes a long time for it to fade and sometimes it simply fades into a light brown mark on the skin, i.e. hyperpigmentation. Fun times (note the sarcasm)! Although I don’t have many, they still annoy me on days that I want to go make-up free so Photo Rejuvenation seemed like the perfect choice to blast away these old spots.

I went in to the clinic for a patch test to see how my skin would react as I have never had any kind of laser therapy. A patch test must be administered so that you can be sure your skin won’t react badly to the laser and 48 hours must pass before you can get your first treatment. The sensation of the laser didn’t hurt, it felt more like a prickly heat. Definitely worth bearing for a bit of spot blasting.

Usually with Photo Rejuvenation, 4-6 treatments are needed and are carried out at three week intervals.


Unfortunately, my skin had a bit of tan on it from a previous holiday so I was advised to wait before proceeding with the first treatment. So watch this space for a further update once I have my first treatment!

Further notes:

The Pulse Light Clinic offer free consultations on all IPL treatments and this gives you the opportunity to talk to your technician and ask all the questions you have and to see if your skin will take well to the treatment. Book Your Free Consultation by calling 0207 283 8139 or visit the website


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