A Must Read! The Skin Game Changer: Hydration with Dermalogica

I am on a mission to hydrate, hydrate hydrate these days so it was perfect timing that I was invited to attend a Hydration event with Dermalogica. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my skin was looking worse for wear. It looked old and tired and I could see that the fine lines around my eyes had become more noticeable.

I had been using some brightening products on my skin and I think I had been a little too harsh on myself. I decided my skin needed to be soothed and given a rest from ‘fixing’ for the time being. So I turned to a combination of Korean face mask packs and eye gel patches that were all about hydrating and guess what? Within a couple of days I noticed a difference.

So lo and behold I was thrilled to be able to try a line of Dermalogica products that promised to hydrate everyday- after all, I can’t wear a face pack on my face all the time to keep the moisture in.


Once I got the Dermalogica products, I decided right then and there to stop what I was using on my skin and go for a gentle oil-based cleanser, the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster Serum, Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair and Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.

I am telling you the products have already made a huge difference to my skin’s moisture levels and I have only been using them since last Thursday night. My skin looks clearer and fuller and the fine lines around my eyes are now hydrated so are not as prominent.

After cleansing, simply spray on the Multi-Active Toner which preps skin for being able to absorb moisture (I do love a spray on toner as well).


Immediately follow with the Skin Hydrating Booster which says to apply only to parched areas of the skin. I think my whole face is parched though so I use it as a serum on my face and neck.


Once that is absorbs (and it absorbs like a dream), I apply the Intensive Eye Repair which works to hydrate fine lines around the eyes, which are usually caused by dehydration.



I follow with the Skin Hydrating Masque which you can use as a Masque but I use it as a moisturiser. My skin really drinks this up as well and it leaves my skin soft and silky and perfectly primed for make-up.



I follow with the Dermalogica Anti-Redness Primer (sorry not pictured) which has a green tint to combat redness and contains a broad spectrum SPF 20. Using these products all together has also prevented my make-up from clumping up (a common problem for me) and has given me an absolutely silky canvas to work with in regards to make-up. I cannot rave about this range enough – for me it has been a game changer! Hydrated skin is after all, healthy skin.

Thanks Dermalogica!


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