Beauty Rocks Visits Lush Spa: The Planets Treatment

The Planets is a brand NEW treatment from Lush and I was lucky enough to try it out at the Lush Spa on Oxford Street. Recently I’ve been become obsessed by all things Lush, from my Jersey Bounce shampoo to the Lords of Misrule Shower Cream – I love it all. And come on, no one makes a bath bomb like Lush. Right?

So imagine my excitement at being able to spend 3 FULL hours in the Lush Spa – a dream come true after a long and hectic week!

The Planets is a 3-phase treatment looking at the past, present and future. Inspired by the 7 Planets in the Solar System, the whole experience has been developed to allow the client time to explore their own space.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment - LUSH SPA

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

So what does The Planets treatment involve?

Phase 1 (1 hr 25 min)

A full body massage offering a truly unique and personal experience. On areas of tension you will also be invited to talk if you wish allowing the time to reflect on the past and release it from both mind and body.

Phase 2 (30 min)

A tea party involving a hand and arm massage and a Lush palm reading. A fun, uplifting phase, looking at what’s there in the present moment.

Phase 3 (1 hr)

Spinning forward into the future, you will end your treatment with a lifted facial which uses clever techniques to lift the skin and the facial muscles, but most importantly to lift the spirits.


Upon entering, I was greeted by the lovely Lush staff and was taken to the Lush Spa to meet Holly, who would be my therapist for the next 3 hours. Holly explained what The Planets treatment would entail and I was given a deck of cards, shuffled them and then chose which word and corresponding planet I felt most strongly towards. I chose the word Challenge that corresponds with the planet Uranus. Holly said that Challenge was a popular card so that just goes to show we all face challenges in our everyday lives!

The cards are meant for the therapist to create a bespoke treatment for you. I was led to the room, which was filled with lovely glowing constellations from a projector, giving it a very outer space – yet calming feel. The treatment rooms are a world away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street outside.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

I undressed and Holly came back into the room to start the first phase of the treatment. The massage explores a mind-body connection by focusing on what psychological issues might be causing tension. The key points of tension I felt were at the base of my neck (signifying taking on too much and feeling overburdened) and mid-to-lower back, signalling areas where I felt I was lacking ‘financial’ and ’emotional’ support. Feelings of guilt for spending money as well as giving too much of myself were reasons for tension in those particular areas.

During the treatment, you are invited to explore the feelings behind these areas of tension as much as you want – so in a way the session acts as a healing treatment if there are any emotional issues you want to get off of your chest. You are also welcome to ponder the revelations of emotional burdens which could be causing the physical tensions, which is what I did.

Phase 1 massage is all about relaxing. The pressure of the massage is light and soothing – a combo of Swedish massage techniques combined with trigger point therapy so bear in mind that this is a very, gentle soothing massage with a focus on releasing areas of tension with light acupressure. I generally go for a hard massage, as deep and as painful as I can bear but it was nice to just focus on relaxation for once.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

After the massage we moved into the next phase of The Planets treatment, which was Phase 2. Phase 2 is a tea party (very quaint!) that involves a hand and arm massage and a Lush palm reading. I love palm readings and anything to do with spirits or mystics (I once saw a witch doctor travelling through Malawi!) and really enjoyed this. Holly read my palm by analysing the lines on my hand. It was mostly a reassurance of who I am and what kind of person I tend to be. Great for bringing to your attention both positive and negative qualities about yourself (but mostly positive!). Also, you get to enjoy lovely herbal tea and delicious planet-shaped chocolates so it’s a nice interlude between the body massage and Phase 3, which is an hour-long facial.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

After chatting a bit it was time to move on to Phase 3. Phase 3 involves a lifted facial which uses techniques to re-educate your facial muscles to give your entire face a lifted look. Holly showed me the products that she was going to use before she began the facial including Enchanted Eye Cream and Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment - Product: Rose and Lemon Fresh Face Mask

First, my face was cleansed with the Olive soap bar and then a moisturiser was applied with a very smooth rose quartz stone which feels amazingly cool and refreshing. The face is massaged and there is a lot of gentle squeezing to push the muscles of the face upwards. The facial was very relaxing and Holly said that a lot of people fall asleep during this part. I however, wanted to savour every moment so kept awake to enjoy it!

Once the massage was finished, a Rose and Lemon mask was applied to my face.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment - Product: Rose and Lemon Fresh Face Mask

The smell of the mask was amazing and Holly told me that I could actually take home the remainder of the products that were not fully used during the treatment so this is an extra added treat for clients! Some of the products I ended up with were the Olive Oil soap, the Rose & Lemon mask and a lovely shea butter body bar (used during the massage).

Also, another thing I enjoyed during the entire treatment was the music – it goes really well with the treatment and is inspired by the planets. I liked the fact that the music was on loud enough to let it really envelop you and let you relax as well.

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment

All in all, I would recommend The Planets Treatment if you are in need of a serious break – this is a truly relaxing three hours of your life! It’s also very insightful so good for times of crisis or mid-life changes as you are welcome to talk through any issues with the therapist. It’s a very unique treatment with a focus on the mind/body connection, which is often so easy to forget about. And I am so glad that I’ve been reminded!

Thank you to the entire Lush team for the treatment and especially to Holly for her time and soothing manner throughout the treatment!

Lush Spa The Planets Treatment - Holly

Lush has several other treatments at their spa in case you don’t have time for The Planets – you can choose from a variety of body treatments, facials, scrubs and even reflexology to refresh and revive!

Visit Lush for prices and times. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all my latest posts @beautyrocksblog!


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