Comfortable Shoes for London: Give me a C for Clarks!

Give me a C! C stands for both Clarks and Comfort, which go hand in hand. The shoe brand is known for its high-quality, classic styles that will last more than one season (gasp!). There are not many shoes I would walk a mile in around London but I am happy to say that my new Perez Glitter shoes from Clarks are one of them. I’ve never found a more comfortable platform sandal in all my life!



So setting out and about around London in my (pictured below), Forever 21 Faux Fur Jacket, Primark statement t-shirt, New Look Faux Leather Leggings, Topshop sunglasses and my Clarks Perez Glitter platform sandals, I could not have been more comfortable.


The Perez Glitter sandals cost £60.00 and I think they are well worth the price considering the comfort. I have paid over £100 for amazingly fashionable shoes that did nothing but give me blisters and made me want to walk home barefoot. They were put away and never worn again. In London I walk a lot so need shoes that are comfy.




The sandals add a bit of androgyny to your look as well as height seeing as the chunky sole adds 6cm. Androgynous sandals are going nowhere this season and I for one, am happy of that.





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