Soigné Summer Nail Collection Lands!

I was very excited to learn about French nail care brand Soigné recently! If you don’t know the brand, Soigné (pronounced ‘swahn -yey’) means ‘to take care of’ and the name embodies everything about this range of natural nail polishes.


As mentioned, Soigné is a natural nail brand and this is great news for me because the two things I am always really concerned about when it comes to chemicals is my hair and nails. I am much more adventurous with skincare and make-up but when it comes to my hair and nails I can tend to be quite picky and like to keep things as natural as possible.

For nails in particular I love to change the polish often – which can result in dried-out and cracked nails. Therefore I have recently gotten into the habit of using a natural nail product as the base coat and applying regular nail polish on the top of that base coat to protect the nail.

Now I can use Soigné nail polishes directly on the nail because up to 85% of the Soigné formula is from bio-sourced ingredients, extracted from plants and free from nasty chemicals. Yay! That makes me very very happy.


So in regards to the formula, I am really happy with Soigné. Next let’s talk about the packaging. Soigné packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Soigné polish comes in a very simple but luxurious bottle, which is packed in a gorgeous, reusable box. Inside the box is specially tailored foam which individually holds each nail polish bottle. I certainly don’t want to throw the boxes away!


Nails are jewels, not tools I like to say and it’s important to me that they are look good. I feel almost naked without nail polish on! The new summer collection from Soigné is gorgeous and the colours are very on trend for the summer.


Colour is Orge


Colour is Mousse Au Framboises

Soigné is also a perfect option for gifting as well – the packaging screams luxury and at prices starting at £11 per bottle, it’s a lovely gift to give (and affordable too)!


Colour is Glacage Blue


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