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The weather has truly been glorious this weekend! All hail to the sunshine and warm weather in hopes it will continue. When the weather is nice outside it actually gets me in the mood to go for a run in the park. When I run, I like to have the right gym clothes however – you need the right workout leggings and a sports bra so the wrong things don’t bounce if you know what I mean!
Superdry Dry Sport

At the moment, I am loving the new Superdry Sport range – the leggings are so comfortable but at the same time have just the right level of tightness for a good run. Shake, rattle and roll has its place – just not when you are running! I have been pleased to say that these leggings keep everything under control.

Superdry Leggings

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The fabric on the leggings is moisture-wicking so they are great for working out in – sweat be gone! They are also super stretchy so for any activity such as yoga or pilates, these would also be perfect. They feel great against the skin – soft and stretchy but at the same time still providing the right level of support.

New Superdry Leggings

I’ve paired mine with a ‘Holy Chic’ sweatshirt from H&M as well as Nike trainers.

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The leggings also come with a matching Superdry Sport sports bra (sold separately). The sports bra is super comfy and has padded cups for comfort and shape as well as a soft elastic band around the bust line that doesn’t pinch or squeeze.


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Together they are a match made in heaven! Kylie Jenner was also recently spotted wearing this same outfit so the range has subsequently taken off!

Jamie Rockers Sports Look

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For me part of working out is also feeling good. And to feel good I also like to look good. That’s why I am loving this range!


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