Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Green Beauty

We all know someone who loves green beauty (me too!), who may or may not be a vegetarian/vegan as well (don’t have to be!) and who enjoys taking care of their health (hopefully everyone). That person generally likes to use green beauty products as well and they are conscious about what they put into their body and on their skin as well. They choose to buy organic or all-natural and are worried about chemicals and parabens in their beauty products. I know someone like that, do you?

Well, now more than ever before there are a slew of amazing green beauty brands out there who can tackle issues like ageing, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, etc. right along side the big boys. So it’s not hard to find a gift for these green beauty lovers at all! So what’s on my list? Let’s find out…


Dr Jackson’s Expedition Pack £35.00

If you haven’t heard of Dr Jackson – he is a real person, a pharmacognosist to be exact. Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines derived from natural sources. Dr Jackson travels all over the world to source his natural ingredients for his products. He learns from traditional healers and uses techniques which mimics the way that the natural ingredients used are extracted at source, and rigorously tests them to ensure purity as well as ascertain they are at a concentration high enough to be effective.

The Expedition Pack features three products – all travel-sized, making this an ideal present for someone who isn’t familiar with the brand. 01 Day Skin Cream, 02 Night Skin Cream and 03 Face Oil are included in the pack, as well as one bag of Expedition Tea, rich in anti-oxidants. The key skincare ingredients featured in the products are Kigelia, Baobab and other natural products all of which work in synergy to promote elasticity, even out skin tone, repair sun damage and visibly tighten the skin. Kigelia has powerful anti-inflammatory and firming properties and promotes blemish-free skin, while fatty acid-rich Baobab encourages regeneration, and is also abundant in oleic acid and linoleic acid, which refine the skin and diminish scarring.





Dr Jackson’s 03 Face Oil £55.00

If you want to get someone just one product from Dr Jackson’s range as a gift I would suggest the 03 Facial Oil. This is 100% natural and powerfully reverses the effects of damage, replenishes nutrients and renews a youthful radiance with key ingredients of oleic acid, linoleic acid, Baobab oil, Marula oil and Calendula. This is a fantastic oil that sinks in easily and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy. I found it was great for old acne spots that hadn’t quite faded away. A really lovely product!



själ Saphir Concentrate £130.00

This is a very interesting product! It comes from the States where it is very popular. själ is a one-of-a-kind skincare brand in that it combines ancient Easter medicine with the latest in Western biotechnology. The product actually contains gemstones as well – this one in particular with blue sapphire and aquamarine. The oil is for anti-ageing and helps to plump lines and improve firmness. Infused with meadowfoam seed oil, grape seed oil and bio-marine algae, the face treatment will help to protect against signs of ageing and prevent moisture loss. The consistency of the product is amazing – it’s silky smooth and makes your skin feel like velvet. Truly a luxurious spend but well worth it.

This would be an amazing present to get for a best friend who is into a holistic approach to life!


Couverture No Chemicals Perfume £45.00

It’s really hard to find a perfume with no chemicals and that is 100% natural so when I came across Couverture I knew I had to include it in my ‘green beauty’ gift guide! No Chemicals is hand-blended in Paris from natural essential oils instead of synthetics. This creates a truly unique scent and I will tell you that no one else will have this! So this truly makes a lovely gift. It is also unisex so both men and women would be able to wear it.

I’ve got a mini roll-on that I tuck into my purse. I use it on pulse points as well as a kind of aromatherapy treatment and inhale it in when I am feeling stressed. It actually makes me feel calmer! The scent is a diffusion of pink pepper, bergamot and ginger along with fresh floral, oriental cedar and santal. It is beautiful and truly unique.


Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask £20.69

Antipodes is one of my favourite green beauty brands because it is affordably luxurious. The packaging is beautiful as you can see below with the Aura Manuka Honey Mask (love those metal tubes) so this makes a lovely gift for someone. Manuka honey, as you may know is actually great for the skin. I’ve known people to actually apply the stuff directly to their face! Luckily with the below product you won’t have the mess of actual honey but still reap the benefits. The mask is really hydrating and soothing and it smells amazing due to the addition of vanilla pod. I can’t think of a better thing to put on your face as soon as you get home from work!


Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream £29.00

This one is another great beauty buy for dehydrated skin. It has pure 100% avocado pear oil which is chock full of antioxidants! It smells lovely and the great thing about this is that it contains calendula which is oil from the petals of the marigold flower (highly regarded throughout history for its healing and repairing properties). Manuka honey features strongly in Antipodes products but who can complain about that? This cream feels very nourishing and is great for the winter months. The texture is lovely, sinks into skin quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling that you feel might ruin your pillow. Winner!


Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream £23.39

How amazing would this be in a stocking? Green beauty lovers – rejoice! Here is a lovely eye cream which I found soothing and comforting for my tired old eyes. Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream contains 100% pure avocado oil as well as carrot seed which has been scientifically shown to stimulate synthesis of collagen production by up to 82%. And of course it contains vitamin C, courtesy of the New Zealand kiwis!


Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm £25.99

Everyone needs a great balm in their life and this Antipodes Saviour Balm is a fantastic one. I put it on my dry elbows and it definitely soothed them to the point that they are no longer dry and itchy. I’ve also used this as a make-up remover, moisturiser and a lip balm. It’s all-purpose so you can use if for anything! It has both anti-fungal and antimicrobial healing properties with Australian tea tree oil and New Zealand totara so you can also put this on cuts and scrapes!


Pinks Boutique Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Renewal Eye Cream £56.00

I am a big fan of Pink’s Boutique – their products smell amazing first of all but they also work (the oils are really good!). For many of us our eyes are the first place to show signs of ageing so it’s nice to receive an eye cream as a present (or is that just me?) and for green beauty lovers this eye cream is lovely. This one is fragrance-free actually as sometimes fragrances around the eye area can be irritating. I find that if my eye cream gets too close to my eye sometimes my eyes will water all day long. Not with this one – in fact I can get it quite close to the eye (at your own risk please!) and it’s fine. This is a great eye cream to use during the day because it is full of anti-oxidants to help reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines. It is formulated with anti-inflammatory botanical extracts as well so this is a wonderful product for those with sensitive eyes or eyes that are prone to tearing up.


Colour Excellence Highlights Brightener £7.99

For green beauty lovers who want a hair detox and brightening treatment so they can avoid going to the salon this is the one! This works to naturally remove product build-up, residue and environmental pollutants to keep highlights looking good without harming hair. Obviously this is for those with blonde highlights so keep this in mind when gifting! My hair felt really light and fluffy after using this and it really did make it feel shinier and healthier as well.



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