Getting Refreshed: NEW Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment Launch

I’ve been using Shiseido since I lived in Japan (yes, I lived in Japan for four years!) so Shiseido and I go back a long way. I started my love affair with the Japanese brand at that time and it all started with their foundation which I really loved. So when I heard that Shiseido was launching a new Glow Revival Eye Treatment (being the skincare magpie I am), I just had to try it. Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - All Products

I managed to get my hands on the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Eye Treatment in particular as my signs of ageing are most apparent around the eyes (and they seem to really show if I am tired). The interesting thing about the Glow Revival Eye Treatment is that the applicator is based on the traditional Asian Kassa massage technique so you can see an instant effect with this alone when you apply it. The tone improves and the area looks more lifted.

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - Bio Performance

But when we look further into this treatment we go beyond the initial quick fixes of a circulation boost. This is actually very interesting as this formula targets the capillaries around the eyes to strengthen them which improves oxygen movement around the skin surface. We all know that blood capillaries are important for carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells so it’s really interesting that this particular product targets those capillaries (now we are getting scientific!). So if you suffer from dark circles, puffiness and dull skin around the eyes, this is the one for you! I liked it for its instant lifting effect and also for daily maintenance in the fight against tiredness!

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment

Okay so now we have targeted our tired eyes but what about our faces? Here’s where the Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask steps in. I haven’t had a chance to try a sleeping mask yet so was really keen to try this one. The Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask is an overnight leave-on gel that ‘simulates the effects of a deep state of sleep—helping skin recuperate from the external stresses it endures all day long.’

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - Shiseido Ibuki Mask

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

The gel feels really cool and refreshing and I used this all over my face and eye area as well. It’s great because it is just a one-step process so you can skip the toner, serum part of things and go straight for this. I used this when I didn’t have much time last Friday night and quickly slathered this over my tired face. I did look more refreshed the next morning so this is good to either use continuously if you are having a tiring week or one off when you are not getting much sleep!

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 2

Shiseido Glow Revival Eye Treatment - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 3

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