Discovering Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is one of those places you have to get to if you are in Europe. It is a beautiful, relaxed Mediterranean seaside paradise with amazing beaches, straight out of the pages of a travel magazine. All you need to do is get off the beaten path and rent a car to discover them! The island itself is pretty small but has lots of amazing beaches with crystal clear waters to discover –  there is quite a bit to see. Palma itself is a lovely little town on the sea and is the capital city of the Spanish island of Mallorca, in the western Mediterranean.

So what can you expect to do in the city of Palma? Well, first off I would recommend a visit to the massive Santa María cathedral, a Gothic landmark begun in the 13th century that overlooks the Bay of Palma. This dominates the city skyline and all around it lies lovely restaurants, boutiques and cafes to discover. Also, you can read: Things to do in Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is also situated in Spain.

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The thing about Palma is that at first glance you may wander about the sites in the city but trust me, there is a lot to discover that lies under the surface. There are so many little side streets in Palma full of local cafes and shops that you may not get to discover if you don’t venture off the main street. It’s a pleasant city and one you will want to browse and wander and sit in cafes in.

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However why most people head to Mallorca is for the beaches. And the beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches around if you know where to go. To find them however you really need to rent a car and get off the beaten track. It will be totally worth it however! Along the way you will find little towns and will discover that actually there is a lot more to Mallorca than meets the eye. I will include a list of links for you at the end of this post that will help you discover the best beaches around. You just need a car and GPS!



The water quality at some of these off-the-beaten path beaches in Mallorca is incredible – swimming pool quality water – crystal clear.


All the beaches in this post were accessed by car – it’s not too pricey to rent a car, about 60 Euros a day and it’s well worth it to see the sights. All of the beaches can be found here:

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One place that you must visit just for the views is the Cap de Formentor which lies at the northernmost point on the island and the views are spectacular!

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For where to stay I totally recommend CATALONIA MAJÓRICA HOTEL – this is a four-star hotel and it is gorgeous with sweeping views over the bay. It’s also near to a shopping center and within walking distance of the main strip with its many restaurants. It is a lovely place to stay – highly recommended!

IMG_3793 IMG_3795In regards to food, I love Spanish tapas so recommend the patatas bravas, pimientos de padron, jamon and fried calamari. The food is really good in Palma and it’s even better topped off with a pitcher of Sangria! And of course no trip to Spain is complete without paella!




For any recommendations for Mallorca don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. June 22, 2016 / 10:36 am

    Hi Jamie,

    that’s a really good post about Palma de Mallorca! You’ve mentioned a few great things, so we just wanted to add one thing: The best thing to do in Mallorca is going by boat! Experiencing the island from the seaside is just amazing, the coast and cliffs are impressive. You get the feeling of total freedom and relaxation when you’re out at sea, without any other people, just enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. It’s especially perfect for a really hot day because you can always jump in the water 🙂 There are numerous boat trips with beautiful sailing boats, glass-bottom boats, catamarans or speed boats all over the island. If you want to drive alone, we highly recommend chartering a boat for max. 4 people and with less than 15 PS – for these, you don’t need a boating license and you can spend a great day with friends out at sea!

    Sunny greetings from Mallorca

    • rockersjamie
      June 22, 2016 / 8:10 pm

      Sounds lovely thanks for the recommendation!

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