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Eating Out: Discovering the Tablero Board at Slug & Lettuce

I love eating out. I think it’s because I don’t have enough confidence in my own cooking skills so I thoroughly enjoy eating food cooked by other people! Something really exciting that has just launched at Slug & Lettuce Tower Bridge is the Tablero Board. This is an entire board of food that serves 10 people all at once for £95. It’s a really great idea for office parties or for just feeding a group of 10 people very easily. So what’s on the board?


Well first of all let me say the Tablero board is very generous! Even for ten people, this is plenty of food and could even feed 20 if your main priority was drinks and you wanted nibbles to go with them. This is a really easy thing to do if you want to order a pre-catered meal for a group of people. It takes the ‘thinking’ out of ordering with a range of starters and mains to cater to vegetarians or meat eaters. I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head when it was delivered to our table!

Tablero BoardSlug & Lettuce

The Tablero board is described as a ‘Taste of India’ and that’s exactly what it is. There are a range of dips and nibbles, all with a distinct Indian feel – from mango chutney to yogurt dipping sauces as well as pickled onions to add a bit of added flavour to the dishes.

Tablero BoardP1013600

In regards to mains there are grilled chicken skewers, biryani chicken rice, broccoli rice and chana masala. My favourite was the biryani chicken rice paired with the pickled onions with a dollop of yogurt dipping sauce – delicious!

Tablero BoardTablero BoardSlug & Lettuce

There is also toasted roti bread and onion bhaji to nibble on – seriously even a group of ten will not go hungry here.

Slug & LettuceP1013606P1013608

The Tablero board is for sharing of course and I took my sister and her husband for dinner there. And we were certainly the centre of attention at the Slug & Lettuce Tower Bridge with our table piled high with food! Many an envious eye certainly gazed in our direction.


Slug & Lettuce also have amazing deals on drinks such as 2 for 1 on cocktails, etc. so there are lots of drink choices that accompany the spicy Tablero board perfectly!


The atmosphere of the Slug & Lettuce Tower Bridge is quite busy with lots of people out for drinks after work – it was teeming when we got there so it’s great for a group of people, especially if you are planning to have drinks there.

P1013625Slug & Lettuce

Overall we really enjoyed our Tablero board and it was perfect to share with a group of friends. It’s £95 which works out to be £9.50 per person if you share between 10 people. And I know I’ve paid a lot more to share way less than what was on the Tablero board with coworkers at other places so it’s a really good deal.


To book your Tablero board at Slug & Lettuce Tower Bridge see HERE.

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