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Osteria 60 New Tasting Menu Launches with Laurent-Perrier

Who doesn’t love champagne? When I was invited to try the new Champagne-paired Autumn tasting menu at Baglioni’s Osteria 60 with Laurent-Perrier I could hardly say no could I? I have always been a champagne lover. My champagne preference started when I moved to London (of course) and hasn’t wavered since. And if you enjoy a fine glass of sparkles then look no further than Laurent-Perrier – and paired with food – even better!

p9130772p9130773Osteria 60p9130774Laurent Perrier Champagne

If you don’t know about Osteria 60 it is a modern Italian restaurant set in the Baglioni Hotel, across from Kensington Gardens. It has a beautiful interior with textured gold walls and amazing food as well, as prepared by critically acclaimed chef Ivan Simeoli. This is traditional Italian with a modern twist and it’s delicious – a fabulous Italian restaurant in London. The food not only looks beautiful but tastes beautiful as well and the tasting menu, as paired with Laurent-Perrier champagne is a joy to experience. This is a time to savour and enjoy – and who couldn’t with a glass of champagne in hand?

Osteria 60 Tasting Menu

So what’s on the menu? Well the first course to whet the palette was the Calamari, Tomato Pappa and Mozzarella which was absolutely delicious and just kicked off what was to come.


The second course was 28-day aged Steak Tartare, Roasted Shallot Mayo and Caviar paired with Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut. Now the Ultra Brut really caught my fancy because it has no added sugar. It’s very clear and crisp and tastes extremely pure. This is the kind of crisp, champagne taste that really reaffirms why I love champagne so much. And with no added sugar how can you go wrong? I think the Ultra Brut is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to champagne with its crisp freshness.

Laurent-Perrier says of the Ultra Brut ‘Perfectly rounded, incisive and elegant. Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier is ethereal and delicate, with surprising length. Its fruit, floral and mineral notes guarantee a lengthy concert of taste sensations. The overriding sensation is one of purity without austerity and, in the lengthy finish, an elusive hint of the sea.’

Well said!


The third course to round out the meal was a soothing Warm Summer Minestrone with Basil Crackers. You certainly can’t go wrong with soup – especially for autumn.


The fourth course on the menu is Spaghetti – a 36-hour Slow-cooked Napolitan ragù at that! This course was paired with Laurent-Perrier 2006, Vintage which complemented the ragù perfectly.


Next was the N’duja Crusted South Coast Turbot and Pickled Courgette which was delicious. I love fish so this was fabulous paired with my favourite champagne pairing of the evening – the Grand Siècle by Laurent-Perrier. This champagne has a richness and depth – it’s incredible. It contains the very best grapes from the most prestigious crus in wines from the best Laurent-Perrier vintage years. So that means it is the best of the best! The bottle is also amazing – it’s a very unique shape which was inspired by the glass-blowers of the 17th century.  It is actually a re-creation of the hand-blown bottles used to contain the very first champagnes at the French royal court. Everything about this champagne is truly magnificent.


And last but not least the evening was topped off with the final course (which had to involve dessert) – the classic Italian Tiramisù. I love Tiramisu and this one was amazing – light and delicious and perfectly paired with the Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé. This is an amazing rosé champagne. It’s soft and feminine, with blush tones. It still has the taste of classic champagne but it’s softer. And it’s pink – which makes it pretty right?

p9130794p9130789Laurent-Perrier Rose Cuvee

The six-course with food only costs £60 and £100 with Laurent-Perrier pairing.

You can find the full tasting menu and more details here: http://www.osteria60.com/event/osteria-60-tasting-menu

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