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The New Haircare Heroes You Need

Take care of your hair and it will love you back. It’s amazing what good hair can do for you…imagine the feeling you get after a blow-dry in a nice salon. Good hair makes you feel like you could conquer the world. In fact, good hair gives you confidence. The unfortunate thing is that hair ages and also battles the elements, just like our skin. Think hard city water and pollutants not to mention the torture we put it through including heat damage and chemical treatments. I’ve been babying my hair and loving it up and really using some haircare heroes that are truly remarkable. You want to know what they are? Well…

L’Oreal Professional Kawaii Brush Steampod

OOH I love this! Seriously the Steampod 2.0 is a magical little tool from L’Oreal Professional and this is a limited edition Kawaii Krush one (exclusive to Lookfantastic) with a Japanese design. It even has little koi fish on it – really really cute!

The New Haircare Heroes You Need Kawaii Brush Steampod

So what is a Steampod you ask? Well it’s essentially a straightener that uses steam technology so it limits the heat damage to your hair. I have fine hair so this is an absolute dream because I have to be really careful about heat damage to my hair (since it’s pretty much the texture of a baby). It really leaves hair silky and smooth and it doesn’t take long to get there either.

Kawaii Brush Steampod

The best thing about this is the result (silky smooth hair) and the fact that you don’t damage your hair in the process (it also has pro-keratin technology and allows hair to retain its natural moisture levels). It also has an integrated comb that grabs hair and keeps it smooth without any kinks. A fabulous buy if you are looking for a straightener but are worried about heat damage. And you really can’t go wrong with the design either!

Kawaii Brush Steampod Kawaii Brush Steampod Kawaii Brush Steampod

To use it you just have to fill up the compartment (seen below) with water and then after that it works like a regular straightener – only with steam to lessen the damage!

Kawaii Brush Steampod

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Lipidium Absolut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve been really impressed with L’Oreal Professional products for the hair – honestly they are really good. It is summer now so we all have to be extra careful with hair because it’s going to be exposed to the sun which can dry it and damage it. This L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Absolut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner contains ceramides and shine boosters so it really does leave hair soft and smooth and I will definitely be taking these on a beach holiday with me to protect my tresses from the sun! Silky hair will be mine. 

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Lipidium Absolut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

L’Oreal Professional Nutrifier Glycerol & Coco Oil DD Balm

I love leave-in treatments for the hair and especially if it is a balm as oils tend to be too heavy for my hair. This DD Balm (stands for ‘Dryness Defense’) from L’Oreal Professional is not greasy at all so it’s great for fine-haired girls or those who don’t like oils. You can apply it to wet or dry hair. I like to apply it in-between hair washes just to nourish the ends of the hair. It contains glycerol which restores hydration and coconut oil which contains essential fatty acids that help seal in moisture and prevent split ends. I love that this is so lightweight and will definitely be using it a lot – especially on the ends of my hair.

L’Oreal Professional Nutrifier Glycerol & Coco Oil DD Balm L’Oreal Professional Nutrifier Glycerol & Coco Oil DD Balm

EcoTools Travel Detangler

I never thought I needed a brush on-the-go until I had one. Then I realised that I always needed to have a brush in my bag no matter what! My hair is fine so gets straggly quite easily and if it’s windy well…it’s a nightmare. I love this travel detangler by EcoTools – it’s great for fine hair because it’s a detangling brush so it doesn’t yank or pull in the wrong way. And you can use it on wet or dry hair. I took this with me to the spa over the weekend and it was bloody brilliant. And it’s tiny so fits perfectly in the bag!

EcoTools Travel Detangler

L’Oreal Professional Techni Art Morning After Dust

I can’t live without dry shampoo. My hair can’t either. I try not to wash my hair everyday but I have oily roots so I need to sort them in between hair washes so I’m always keen to test out dry hair shampoos. This one is the first one from L’Oreal Professional that is invisible. Yes INVISIBLE! And it really is – it’s invisible but still manages to keep oil at bay. Great for the day after hair to revive and refresh and perfect for travel and on-the-go.

L’Oreal Techni Art Morning After Dust

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients

I’m all about the philosophy that what you put inside reflects on what is on the outside. Of course we all age naturally but if you take care of yourself it really does reflect in your skin and hair. But sometimes we need a little help – especially with certain vitamins and minerals that are hard to consume in our everyday diet. What really helps hair growth is Biotin and it also helps nails too. I’ve just started taking the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients which promote longer, denser and healthier-looking hair. You take 3 capsules per day and the main ingredient in the capsule is Biotin which ‘feeds’ hair and helps the body convert food into energy (yes please!). The supplements also contain N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, an amino acid that provides additional strength and also Hyaluronic Acid which helps to increase moisture levels in the hair and skin too.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox

We often treat our hair but actually never think of what it grows from which is our scalp! There has been a big trend recently towards scalp health and keeping the scalp exfoliated and treated so that you can have healthier hair. It makes sense, really. I’ve recently tested out this Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox which is an exfoliating scrub and treatment for the scalp. You use it as a pre-shampoo treatment and it’s actually nice to give yourself a scalp massage with it – it almost feels like you are at the salon! This product is also great for summer because it’s very cooling on the scalp. It contains Castor Oil Beads (good for hair growth), White Willow Bark Extract and Pomegranate Fruit Enzymes to gently exfoliate the scalp. This kind of treatment helps with product build-up, dry skin or dandruff.  Use it once a week to promote hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp!

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox

David Mallet Spray No. 2 Le Volume

I’ve been hearing a lot about David Mallet recently – he is a Paris-based hair stylist who has come out with a range of highly talked about products. I love that he has included products in his range for fine-haired girls like me. I was really keen to try out his Spray No. 2 Le Volume which is specifically formulated to make fine and limp hair to stand up and say HELLO LOOK AT ME. That’s right – this spray is all about the volume. You can spray it into the hairline of clean, towel-dried hair and massage it into the scalp so it’s quite easy to use. What I liked about this products is that it doesn’t make your hair feel like it actually has product in it but still gives a voluminous boost. It’s also good for your hair unlike a lot of volumising products – it contains Japanese Nori Seaweed Extract, Vitamin A, C and B12 to strengthen hair. Highly recommended if you are looking for a product that gives more volume but don’t want to use something that will make your hair feel heavy with product!

David Mallet Spray No. 2 Le Volume

David Mallet Volume Powder

Oh volume at last! Sprinkle a little bit of this volume powder into the roots – it’s a bit like fairy dust and it magically lifts your lifeless hair. This is a texturizing formula that contains silica-rich Tropical Bamboo. I love this because it comes in a little pump formula unlike the kind of salt shaker dispenser that this kind of powder usually comes in. This sticks to your hair and really does give a lot of volume at the roots so think messy bedhead. It’s also great for an updo as well. It also has a subtle green tea fragrance so freshens up locks at the same time.

David Mallet Volume Powder Haircare Heroes

What are your haircare heroes?

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