Mental Focus: Tips to Destress and Declutter Your Mind

I’ve lately been so busy (80-90 hour weeks!) that sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind. Honestly, I’m one of the most organised people I know – I write everything down and try and keep on top of my emails and workload as best as I can but sometimes too much is too much.

I’ve noticed that lately it’s been harder for me to get out of bed in the mornings and I’ve lost motivation to go out and see people because it requires too much energy. Am I depressed? NO. I am exhausted. Sometimes this exhaustion makes it hard to think straight and during mentally-challenging tasks I need to stay focused, clear and sharp. Especially if I am working to a deadline I need to keep my ‘eye on the ball’ as they would say in sports practice.

Mental Focus: Tips to Destress and Declutter Your Mind

What can even happen on hectic days is something called ‘brain fade’. Apparently, it has happened to 94% of us! You know what I’m talking about – like when you put something you aren’t supposed to in the fridge (I think I have actually done this with a sock). The reason this brain fade happens is due to trying to do too much at once (60%), not getting enough sleep (75%) or being busy/under pressure at work (25%).

What I’ve found myself doing lately is relying on coffee. Oh, that buzz that a coffee brings. However, this is not exactly the best thing for your health. Caffeine stresses the adrenal glands and there is also a crash after a coffee when the buzz wears off. Also, being pretty health conscious I don’t like to drink more than one cup of coffee a day and I drink it first thing in the morning for that kick.

But what about after lunch? At about 3pm my energy drops and on some days, I could very easily curl up in a ball under my desk and take a long nap. But of course, when you are constantly on deadlines that is just not possible.

Mental Focus - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 1 Mental Focus - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 2

So, what have I been using to get that kick of metal focus when I need it in the afternoon? I’ve just started trying out Rescue Remedy Plus which is a new product based on the original Rescue Remedy – only the plus version has added vitamins B5 and B12 as well as a new lemon and elderflower flavour. I’m big on natural remedies so this is actually right down my alley. Although I may indulge in one coffee a day you will never catch me with a can of Red Bull in my hands. Sorry – the coffee bean is as far as I will go. So anything that will naturally clear my head, give me the mental focus I need and also give me a vitamin boost is right by me.

Mental Focus - Product: Rescue Remedy Plus

What the Rescue Remedy Plus does is contain natural flower essences that natural support mental performance. They are also super easy to take – I’ve got the spray version (Bach Rescue Plus Vitamins Spray – Lemon and Elderflower)and the dropper version (Bach Rescue Plus Vitamin Drops -Lemon and Elderflower).

Mental Focus - Product: Rescue Remedy Plus

I love that both of these can fit in my handbag for use anytime during the day or on-the-go. With the spray you simply need to spray onto the tongue twice and with the dropper you can just drop four drops onto the tongue when you need it.

Mental Focus - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 4 Mental Focus - Product: Rescue Remedy Plus Mental Focus - Product: Rescue Remedy Plus Mental Focus - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 5 Mental Focus - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 6

Other tips for decluttering the mind and getting some mental clarity?

Well decluttering in general really helps! I live in a tiny, tiny space in London and don’t have that much room so my area can get cluttered really really easily. I do feel when I declutter I feel so much better mentally and when my place looks like a tip I get stressed out.

Physical activity also really helps increase my energy. When I work out, even for  10 minutes I feel so much better, lighter and more energetic in general.

Stress plays a big part in your level of mental clarity so anything you can do to reduce stress will always help. This could be anything from meditation (even 5 minutes helps) to listening to music to deep breathing exercises.

Bach Rescue Remedy Plus is available exclusively at Boots HERE.

*This post was in collaboration with Bach Rescue Remedy but all editorial direction and opinions are as always my own.


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