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At-Home Facials: The Best Skincare Tools for Home Use

Let’s be honest, getting a facial isn’t cheap. Over the last year I’ve collected a few fabulous at-home skincare tools that you can use for an at-home facial or make-up makeover with some fabulous results! From cryotherapy at home to toning the face to a digital mirror that talks, read on for my favourites. 

001 London Cryopress

This is a really cool little tool if you want to try Cryotherapy at home. The 001 London Cryopress is like a gym for your face, increasing circulation and therefore pumping oxygen and other nutrients to the cells in your skin. Think of it as a face roller but one that is super cold to rev up circulation even more. This tool can sustain its cold temperature on your skin so you can really get a face workout with this one! Cold automatically decreases pore size as well so if you suffer from large pores and want to use this before a big event it’s really great. I like that this is easy to use as well and doesn’t make a mess like other cryotherapy tools I’ve used before (think dripping ice cubes all over my face).

001 London Cryopress001 London Cryopress

Anything that is going to increase circulation to the skin is going to provide a whole host of benefits as well. When a part of your body is exposed to the cold, blood vessels open up 3-4 times their normal size and therefore increasing circulation. Also, because you are massaging this over the skin you help improve the skin tone for a more lifted appearance.

You can use this anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and you can really use the roller to massage the skin upwards for a lifting effect.

001 London Cryopress

Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller

I’ve had so many people ask me lately what jade rollers do and which one I would recommend. The one I’ve been using lately is the Gatineau White Jade Facial Roller. This is a lovely face roller that helps massage and lift the facial muscles but also cool the skin at the same time. Jade rolling has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to boost and maintain beauty. Jade rolling is like a gym session for your face because it revs up the circulation, lifts and tones the muscles. I even use this sometimes when I feel a tension headache coming on and it usually helps to relieve it.

Gatineau White Jade Facial RollerGatineau White Jade Facial Roller

Be Glow Tia Sonic Skincare System

Another cool tool that I’ve been using is the Be Glow Tia Sonic Skincare System. Again, this is another really nice and easy to use tool for toning and cleansing the face. I don’t like using facial tools that are not easy to use and this one simply has two buttons, one for the cleansing side of the device and one for the lifting/toning side of the device. For the toning side, it uses SkinSense technology pulsations that have both low and high frequency pulsations to help stimulate the facial muscles and tone them back into shape. Then on the cleansing side there is a silicone brush head that cleanses the face quite nicely whilst improving circulation. What’s not to love?

Be Glow Tia Sonic Skincare SystemBe Glow Tia Sonic Skincare System

HiMirror Mini Premium

When the HiMirror Mini Premium landed on my beauty desk I sat up and did a double take. No, really. This is the future when it comes to mirrors and you will not have seen anything like it before. The HiMirror Mini Premium is a smart mirror that is also touchscreen that can do just about everything – analyse your skin, connect to the internet, simulate the lighting of different environments, show you the news. Really, this is your new age beauty assistant.

I mentioned analyse your skin. So, what the mirror does is take a picture of your skin and do a scan to identify wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc and give you personalised skincare advice based on your needs. You can also use this function to track your skin over time, especially if you decide to start a new skincare routine. This helps to see if it’s actually working and if the products that you are using are effective. You can scan the barcode of your products into your skincare tracker and track what you are using in terms of products as well.

At-Home Facials

I love the LED lights settings around the outer edge of the mirror as well with five different lighting scenarios including sunset view, sunny days, brightly-lit office, shops and supermarkets and restaurant or party venues. So basically, no matter what lighting situation you are about to go into, you can make sure your make-up is perfectly suited to the occasion.

At-Home Facials

You can also use the mirror to magnify so can really catch the detail on your make-up looks and make sure that winged eyeliner really is perfect. I also love that you can get the news of the day and what the weather is going to be while you are putting on make-up or doing your skincare routine.

This would make a fabulous gift for yourself or for a real beauty lover for Christmas.

At-Home Facials

What are the best skincare tools you’ve ever used for an at-home facial? 

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