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Pregnancy Sleeping Tips: How to Get Better Sleep in Your 3rd Trimester

What’s the best thing about sleeping at a hotel for the night? Of course, it depends on the hotel but for me it’s the hotel bedding. Never have I ever had a softer and more gentle sleep on a hotel bed. From the mattress to the duvet cover to the pillows – it really is a dream to sleep at some hotels. But what about when you are pregnant? I’ve included some pregnancy sleeping tips in this post for a better night’s sleep!

Pregnancy Sleeping Tips

What if you could re-create the hotel bedding experience in your own bedroom? Yes, I’m talking about feeling like you slept at a luxury hotel every single night of the week. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant so falling asleep comfortably is a talent in and of itself. Getting good sleep during pregnancy is crucial but with a large baby bump it’s very hard to get in the right position at night. Hence, good pillows and soft bedding that are breathable is key.

Pregnancy Sleeping TipsThe Fine Bedding Company reviews

My recent go-to bedding during my third trimester (where you really start to get heavier and more uncomfortable, making it even harder to get to sleep) is from The Fine Bedding Company. By all miracle of miracles, they have managed to allow us to recreate the hotel bedroom experience in the comfort of our own homes. Pillows for me are key and to be honest, at this stage I can never have enough of them. I need at the very minimum two pillows – one for under my head and one for between my legs/under my bump/behind my back so that my body weight is more supported as I sleep.

The Fine Bedding Company reviews The Fine Bedding Company reviews

I’ve been using The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Pillow (two of them) to help me get to sleep comfortably at night. And I promise you that pregnant or not, you will love these pillows because they make you feel like you are sleeping at a boutique hotel – hence the name, Boutique Silk Pillow. The pillows are so special because they are packed full of Smartfil fibres which are blended with the finest silk, making them feel almost weightless (but still supportive). I love that the pillows are breathable as well and are soooo soft to the touch. I love the stripe design too – again it reminds me of a luxury hotel and what’s not to love about that?

The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Pillow The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Pillow The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk PillowThe Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Pillow

Sometimes, as mentioned the position of the second pillow can change – occasionally it gets placed behind my back for extra support or even under my bump – it really depends on the night and what my comfort level is! But in terms of pregnancy sleeping tips – the more pillows, the better and these are some of the best ones yet.

pregnancy sleeping tips

Fancy more pregnancy sleeping tips? Get a breathable duvet! Honestly, I couldn’t believe how much my body temperature changed during pregnancy. I was once someone who had the heating on, even sometimes in the summer and I am now someone who walks around in a t-shirt in winter. Okay maybe not that extreme but you get what I mean. Soooo…a lightweight but cosy but soft but breathable duvet is key – I have high standards at this point, let me tell you.

pregnancy sleeping tips

I absolutely love The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Duvet for these exact points – it’s lightweight but keeps me warm when I want to be warm – I’ve got the 10.5 Tog for this very reason and this has been perfect during this stage of pregnancy. The Duvet is SO soft and so comfortable and again, it has that luxury hotel feeling. At this stage in my pregnancy, I’m not travelling anywhere so this is the best feeling to be able to feel like you can stay at a luxury hotel every single night of the week but in the comfort of your own home.

The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Duvet The Fine Bedding Company Boutique Silk Duvet

The Boutique Silk Duvet also has a blend of Smartfil fibres and pure silk which makes it feel as fluffy as a cloud. I also love that you can wash these in your washing machine – no dry cleaning needed! You can really tell the quality of The Fine Bedding Company products – everything from the stitching to the softness of the material. It’s a bit like sleeping on a bed of clouds – the experience is that good! Sweet dreams, indeed.

*This post was in collaboration with The Fine Bedding Company but all words and opinions are my own, as always.


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