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Refresh Your Beauty Masterclass with Evening Standard Magazine

I was lucky enough to nab tickets through the Evening Standard Magazine to the Refresh Your Beauty Masterclass, held at the Soho Hotel last week. With drinks in hand, guests had an opportunity to browse various areas where you could get make-up tips, have a Harley Street skin scan or have your brows done. However, the main point of the night was a presentation held in association with Juvéderm® which offered tips and trends on non-surgical treatments to help maintain your look.

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With speakers including top cosmetic practitioners Dr Jonquille Chantrey and Dr Tracy Mountford as well as beauty journalist and skincare developer (Good Things) Alice Hart-Davis, I was happy to have a chance to be there.

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Introducing the very accomplished speakers

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Beauty journalist and skincare developer, Alice Hart-Davis

The presentation went into the scientific factors behind ageing and the common causes of it, including smoking, sun exposure, genetics, diet and a big one; stress! Stress has a very strong impact on the way we look and it’s very important to take steps to minimise it. Stress can do all sorts of damage so I cannot ‘stress’ enough how vital it is to really take care of yourself in that regard. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing; it all helps!

On ageing, the main thing that happens is that your face begins to sag; this is due to the loss of fat pads underneath the skin- essentially the support structure- and then everything starts to collapse. The sad news is that your face loses fat, begins to sag and wrinkles form. As we get older we also tend to look more masculine due to this reason, losing the soft look of youth.

Alice Hart-Davis, spoke of dermal fillers which are actually doses of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occuring sugar that our bodies produce and is one that attracts moisture and keeps the skin plump. We lose this as we age so dermal fillers are simply replacing what we lose naturally over time.

Cosmetic practitioners, Dr Jonquille Chantrey and Dr Tracy Mountford also mentioned that most people want to use fillers because they want to look less tired. The usual age of clients start from 35+.

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At the end of the presentation there was a chance to have a Q&A. One audience member asked if collagen supplements did anything for the skin. The doctors responded that there has been no scientific evidence that they actually boost collagen but there has been scientific evidence that certain skin supplements do work. As with everything, they need time to work and most people probably won’t start to see any difference until 3 or 4 months down the line from when they started taking the supplements.

After the talk, I went to get a complimentary skin scan from Lesley Reynolds of Harley Street Skincare (www.harleystreetskincare.co.uk). Lesley regularly writes for Best magazine and The Daily Express – and the team at Harley Street Skin Clinic focus on the whole body rather than just individual parts, even perhaps doing a blood test to see how hormones affect different people’s skin.

I still get occasional spots from stress and my genetics also play a role in that so I have a few acne scars/red spots that won’t go away. I am really lucky to have almost no wrinkles for my age but I am still concerned with my acne scars (although they are very mild). Lesley recommended a CO2 laser treatment (x3) for the acne scars and IPL for broken capillaries. It was really useful to finally have someone tell me exactly what I would need to treat those issues. I will definitely be adding a CO2 laser to my wishlist!




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