Bohdi & Birch Rosa Rosa Skincare Launch

I was able to attend the launch event last week for Bodhi & Birch (, a relatively new British eco-luxury brand to hit the market and one that uses ingredients sourced from sustainable origins. The company was founded by Elijah Choo, who wanted to bring together Eastern and Western skincare and well-being philosophies into one brand. Therefore the name Bodhi (from the East) & Birch (from the West) was created.


There has certainly been a revival of all things rose and Bodhi & Burch is hot on this trend with the Rosa Rose skincare launch. Rose it seems, is certainly having a moment. The collection features a 3-step system including the Clarifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner and Daily Moisturiser, which have been designed to combat dull-looking skin and aims to smooth, tone, brighten and even out the complexion.

I was able to meet Elijah Choo, the founder of Bodhi & Burch, who told me that his inspiration for the products comes from his surroundings and from being in nature. For example, the inspiration for his Jasmine Falls collection came about after following his cat out into a field one evening and seeing jasmine ‘falling’ in abundance.

On Rosa Rosa he says, ‘Creating Rosa Rosa is a step into the past to source legendary ingredients that have been tried and tested for their skincare and well-being qualities. The idea may be simple but it is in this simplicity where its beauty exists.’

Well stated. Rose has been around and used for centuries for its skin benefits and is now being re-appreciated for that.


Rosa Rosa Skincare Launch-includes (from left to right) Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser, Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner and Rosa Rosa Daily Moisturiser


One of my favourites from the launch was the Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum. It sank in beautifully but still left a barrier on my skin for protection. I feel like this would be great to use on the tops of your hands where your age starts to show the most. Elijah showed me his hands and said one hand he used to test products on a lot, including the hand serum and the other hand he didn’t and I could easily see which one he had been using the serum on because it was smoother and younger-looking.

The Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum is made with ant-ageing Olive Squaline and Rosehip Seed Oil (my fave!) plus antibacterial Lime and Green Mandarin which gives it a lovely citrus scent. It can also be used as a nail treatment as it is oil-based. It helps to shield skin from environmental damage and helps diminish the signs of ageing.

IMG_5005IMG_5011Another lovely fragrance that I smelled at the launch was the Chamomile Sky Bath & Shower Therapy. To me, this lovely concoction smelled like a Mojito. Yum!

IMG_5009  IMG_5006

I left with a Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner and a Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy. I have used the Rosa Rosa Hydrating Toner as a facial mist throughout the day and I find it is very soothing and refreshing at the same time, with Damask Rose, Orange Blossom and Chamomile. I feel like this is great to put beside your desk if you work in an office and exposed to air-conditioning or heating constantly.

IMG_5014 IMG_5015 IMG_5016

The Jasmine Falls Bath & Shower Therapy is truly therapeutic with its scent alone. Combining Jasmine, Vetiver and Lavender it is really soothing and great to use after a stressful day. Lavender has shown to calm the mind and help promote a good night’s sleep. Zzzz…


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