Skincare Ingredients for Hair? Where Science Meets Beauty

I love it when science meets beauty. It’s just plain exciting! Science-backed results are exciting stuff and when products have proven results, this is what makes people want to buy them. What makes it even more exciting is when science uses nature to create products with proven results.

What if you take plant bio-actives and stem cell technology used in premium skincare products and then put it into haircare products- does it work?

Well that’s what the people at Salon Science have been testing and have found that indeed, it does work as clinical studies have shown -with remarkable improvements in hair! This Swiss brand uses stem cell technology previously only used in skincare and applied it to hair. Genius!

In order to talk about this some more we have to get technical…or scientific I mean.

Stem CellHere is how the Swiss Apple works in hair care. Hair bulge stem cells have a limited life expectancy and a number of stress factors can determine their funtionality. Remember, stress is no good for skin or hair, either. Cells do diminish with increased age so this is also a factor which results in thin, brittle and fragile hair.

The Swiss Apple extract enters the hair follicle through the scap and helps retain their self-renewal capacity (i.e. ‘stemness’).

This in turn delays the ageing process for hair.


I was able to trial the Swiss Apple CELLULUXE range, which is targeted for anti-ageing and restored volume. Essentially, I wanted to use what was in my skincare in my hair.


There are five products in the CELLULUXE range. The first is the CELLULUXE Shampoo, enriched with nourishing phytonutrients to restore and rebuild fine, fragile, ageing hair. I say it’s all about prevention people!


The next product is the CELLUTENSIVE Masque. This should be used after shampooing the hair, left on for 5-10 minutes and then followed with the conditioner. It can be used once a week. The masque contains the advanced plant stem cells of a rare Swiss Apple, PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica, to protect the longevity of hair cells. Together with the repairing actives Keratine and Wheat Protein, CELLUTENSIVE™ helps improve the hair’s health, strength and thickness.


The masque is followed by the CELLULUXE Conditioner and should be left on 1-2 minutes.


Next up is the Scalp Tonic, which I found to be very refreshing and cool on my scalp. This meant to be applied directly to the scalp and massaged in to increase circulation. Think of this as a serum for your scalp because it is the most concentrated product of all.


Finally, follow up with the CELLUMAX Volumising Foam which is a light weight, long lasting foam that instantly lifts and adds volume to fine, fragile hair. Use it on towel-dried hair and spread throughout the length of your hair.


This collection should have all your hair needs covered in five products and as the products are all from the same collection, they will work together to create healthier and stronger hair. So is putting skincare technology into haircare a good idea? It’s a great one.

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