‘The Wow Without The Ow’ : Wrinkle MD Review

I am always one for boosting my skin when it needs it, especially if it is looking tired and slack from too much work and running around. I am also up for the most natural and non-invasive treatments that are available when it does need that boost.

That’s where Wrinkle MD comes in.


This handy little device allows you to deliver medical-grade Hyaluronic acid and peptides into your skin at home. Our bodies produce these naturally and Hyaluronic acid is what keeps our cells plump and holds water. The Wrinkle MD replaces lost HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and infuses it back into the skin, making it look more refreshed and plump. Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in our cells but depletes over time with age and sadly, 80% of it is lost from the age of 40 to 80. Our body also moves HA from the skin to wherever we need it the most so taking care of yourself in general is good advice to keep the HA in your face!



The kit comes with an activator pod, serum and five patches to use for five at-home treatments.

Think of the Wrinkle MD as a super mask that delivers concentrated ingredients into your skin. The amazing thing about it is that it delivers 800% more peptides than if you simply applied a cream manually. That’s a big difference! Serums are the hard working products in any skincare routines but even serums can’t deliver this kind of result.



So how does it work? You simply place a hydrogel patch to the area of concern (in this case the forehead area) and small pods attach to the patch, delivering a micro-current that pushes the hyaluronic acid into the skin for a super hydrating result.

The Wrinkle MD was developed by leading dermatologists and is a bit pricey at £189 for an at-home kit. However, when you work out the cost per treatment (around £25) + the serum (which I worked out to be valued at £51) it is actually not so bad at all. It’s much less expensive than going to a clinic for the treatments, which can cost up to £200 per treatment so the cost is well worth it when you work out the benefits plus the cost per treatment. Also, you can do it in your own home and it’s hands free during the 30-minute treatment, allowing you to go about your business while it is doing all the hard work. Who says beauty has to be painful?


My skin felt refreshed and plumped after using this. I used the brow kit which delivers HA into the forehead. I don’t have any deep wrinkles on my forehead but do sometimes tend to furrow my brow when concentrating and I could definitely see that that small furrow mark had nearly disappeared after only one treatment with Wrinkle MD.

The second time I used it was the night before a big presentation at work so that I would be looking my best on the day. After using it twice, I could see that my forehead looked even smoother. The system would be great to use before a big event where you would want to be looking your best…perhaps a black tie dinner or special event. Or even for date night!

It’s not scary at all and the most you will feel if you put it on are small little pings that feel like tiny pinches but nothing that is painful in any way at all.

The system also comes with Wrinkle MD Youth Serum which is mean to be used in conjunction with the mask. It is specifically designed to boost the benefits of the Wrinkle MD Infusion patches. It helps to improve skin’s ability to hold and attract moisture to further lock in results from the Wrinkle MD Infusion treatments.

I like it because it sinks in easily and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. It’s also great to use under make-up and doesn’t make it clump up which I find some serums do. So would I recommend using the system? Yes I would and I will be lining up to try the eye system next!



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