Ooh La La – My Little Box from Paris Launches in UK!

If you love beauty boxes like I do, you will be really excited about this one. My Little Box has just launched in the UK this month and has come from our next door neighbour, France.


This is the most gorgeous little box, filled with a lovely selection of lifestyle products. I think that’s what attracts me to this box the most (other than the adorable illustrations) – the fact that it comes with a selection of lifestyle goods every month that includes goodies like hair bands, photograph holders, lifestyle and fashion accessories, etc. I think this is the main thing that sets it apart from other beauty boxes.


Each month has a different theme, so my box was My Little ‘Arty’ Box. Previous boxes have included My Little ‘Weekend’ Box, My Little ‘Geekette’ Box, My Little ‘Sunset’ Box, My Little ‘Party’ Box, etc.


Therefore, you never know what you are going to get or what kind of lifestyle suprises you might be given. These boxes, with all of their unique themes would be suited to anyone, from the ‘geek’ inside to the ‘party girl’ in everyone.

My Little Box also has their own in-house beauty range called My Little Beauty so they also include products every month from this range. This month, I got a cute My Little Beauty Blush Gel. I have become a big fan of creme blushes lately and also of cheek tints so was excited to actually try out a cheek gel. There is a difference!

On application, it gave a very natural rosy glow. I am certainly converted to creme, tint and gel blushes now!


The box also contains a My Little World magazine which, despite being in French, contains all sorts of little lifestyle features (I can’t stop saying little now)! Although the articles are in French, I could still make out what they were about. Topics range from nail art to recipes and DIY projects. Very cute indeed.

My two favourite things in this box (well, I loved everything really) were the Qiriness Le Wrap Exfolys and the adorable little Polaroid-inspired photo holders that are fridge magnets.

I had never heard of Qiriness before but they hail from Switzerland and the product is a radiant buffing mask which is an enzymatic and mechanical buffing cream mask. This was really interesting because you apply it onto the face in an even layer, leave on for 30s and then buff off with a sponge or a muslin cloth. I used a muslin cloth and then after buffing I rinsed off the remainder. My skin was left very matte and smooth, which I liked as my face is usually oily and shiny so it made for a nice change!


For £11.00 (+£3.95 P +P) a month, I think this box is totally worth it and would bring a bright ‘little’ smile to your face every month. And if that’s not worth £11.00, I am not sure what is! A totally Parisian suprise for Londoners.







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