AW14 Trends For The Bedroom!

A change in season calls for a change in clothing. We pull out the sweaters and the leggings and the bright colours of our summer wardrobe change to the dark colours of fall and winter. Whites and pinks change to blacks and berry reds. Everything in regards to colour goes to the dark side, from nails to even hair.

And why shouldn’t this seasonal change affect everything, including our home décor? Not only do I pack away the summer clothes and bright colours but I also make sure this extends to my bedroom as well. Just as I think a pair of pink jeans and white tube top might look strange worn in the winter, so does bright colours in the bedroom when the first signs of fall come knocking on my door.

This year, to update my bedroom wardrobe I’ve take inspiration from fashionista Kylie Minogue, who designs a luxurious range for the home at House of Fraser. The collection for the bedroom and living room reflects the glamour and sophistication the pop megastar brings to the stage.


Luckily, I’ve found a set that matches my favourite jacket. Much like House of Hackney makes dresses that match their quirky wallpaper, I’ve chosen to match my AW14 wardrobe theme to my bedroom. I love gold and this is certainly reflected in my jewellery choices this season. Gold feels luxurious when done correctly so that’s why I’ve chosen it as my key colour for this season.




The Alondra set from the Kylie Minogue range is my favourite, for the very reason that it comes in black and gold, which brings instant glamour to the room.

The ‘Housewife’ scatter cushion below is a lovely addition to the set with its sparkling diamanté centre.




Kylie says that ‘One of life’s great luxuries is to be at home.’ I couldn’t agree more. After my usual hectic weekdays of work and events, on the weekends it does feel like a luxury to be at home. In fact, after running around all week it’s really the only place I want to be. And I like to make my home as comfortable as possible, as well as a place that I can feel good in and that reflects my personality.

DSC_0306  DSC_0310


I also love to match! German brand, Move, at House of Fraser has an amazing set of towels. Their new Black & White range uses geometric patterns of stylised seagulls that decorate the border of the towels. They have been in the business of making homeware for several decades (since 1927). You can even match your bath mat, towels and bath robe! Another great benefit of this brand is that chemical additives are not needed in the manufacturing process and 20% energy per year can be saved in its manufacture.,default,sc.html


DSC_0316 DSC_0317

Now, on to accessories! Just like a great outfit should have great accessories that fit the personality of the person wearing them, I love a great room accessory. One of my favourite accessories is a luxury candle. To go with my new bedroom décor I have chosen a Dorothee Schumacher candle which reads, ‘Set the World On Fire.’ How’s that for inspiration? 


Some more accessories I have recently added to my little home is an amazing Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine. My cup of choice is a cappuccino and this little machine does it with flair and style. This machine has brains and looks going for it. There is nothing more I love to do than sit in bed with a good book and a cappuccino with a candle going. And because it is so rare that it happens, I really treasure it when it does!

A Modo Mio allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of a Lavazza espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte and many other traditional Italian coffee recipes all in the comfort of your own home.


So for now I can relax in my newly decorated room. Perhaps someday my bedroom will look like the image below. For now at least, I’m working on it!

download (2)


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