My Quest for a Whiter, Brighter Smile With Harley Street White Smiles

I have always been a ‘teeth’ person. What I mean is that I have always noticed people’s teeth. When I was in university, I remember being asked out on a date by a guy with teeth that just didn’t meet my high standards. Guess what the answer was? It was no!

Nice teeth that are white and clean not only make someone look more attractive, but it also signifies that the person is well-groomed and takes care of themselves and their health. People notice when someone has lovely trimmed and clean nails so why wouldn’t they notice teeth? Let’s just say that when teeth are in good condition, it shows and can be an asset to your looks. Hey, it might even get you that date.

I have always taken good care of my teeth and they have always been very white but I like to ‘freshen’ them up every couple of years or so with a whitening treatment. In the past, I have used whitening gels prescribed from the dentist that are inserted into a mouthpiece. However, I often lose motivation halfway through the treatment, as it spans over several weeks and involves using the mouthpiece twice a day. I also find that this makes my teeth very sensitive and has even kept me up at night before. Therefore, I was interested in trying another option so looked into laser teeth whitening as a quick and easy alternative.

One thing to note – it is important that when looking for laser teeth whitening options, to do so with safety. It’s important to use a trained dental practitioner preferably at an actual dental clinic. That way you can be assured that the treatment you are getting is completely safe for your teeth. Peace of mind, after all, is priceless!

Luckily, I was able to test out a laser teeth whitening treatment by Harley Street White Smile Clinic, based on the prestigious Harley Street.

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Harley Street is well-known for its medical clinics, run by trained doctors. There is certainly a prestige and trust associated with Harley Street and so I felt perfectly safe in the knowledge that my teeth were in good hands! The treatment that Harley Street White Smiles Clinic offer is a one-time treatment that meant to minimise any sensitivity. This was perfect for me as I have experienced sensitivity in the past when using gel whitening systems and wasn’t keen on experiencing it again.

Also, procedures at the clinic are only carried out by GDC (General Dental Council) registered members who have the expertise and knowledge to best advise and access each patient’s needs and concerns. Upon arrival into the clinic, I was greeted by Beatrice, the dentist, who instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease.


The lovely Beatrice at Harley Street White Smiles Clinic


I was advised to brush my teeth before the treatment. The clinic guarantees teeth being at least 5 shades lighter after the laser whitening treatment (as measured on the Vita Shade Whitening Chart below) and a complimentary follow up appointment is to be scheduled should the first treatment not result in this level of whitening.

Beatrice showed me where I was on the scale of teeth whitening (the second tooth from the left on the chart below). My top teeth were quite white already however my lower teeth were a couple of shades darker. As I am an avid tea and red wine drinker, my teeth have surely suffered since my last whitening treatment and certainly needed a brightening. A whitening tune up, let’s call it.

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I laid down on a table and was told that the procedure would last 90 minutes. A mouthpiece was fitted and the procedure began.

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There isn’t much to do for 90 minutes except relax and this is exactly what I did. In fact, I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. The procedure is painless and nothing to be worried about. This time, I can say the trip to the dentist was actually enjoyable!

photo 1 (1)

On my way to a whiter, brighter smile!

After the procedure finished, I could really tell a difference! My teeth indeed looked whiter and brighter in the span of 90 minutes, lightened all the way to the second whitest shade on the Vita Shade Whitening Chart (the first tooth from the left on the chart image below)!

photo 3

I was advised not to eat any coloured foods for 24 hours after the treatment, as the pores of the teeth are opened just after the treatment and they are very susceptible to staining during this time. Therefore it is not a good idea to plan a big dinner and night out on the day you get your teeth whitened. So it was pita bread and hummus for me for the next 24 hours but I didn’t mind. After all, my teeth looked brilliant. The five shades whiter kind of brilliant.

Was I pleased with the results and would I recommend this to others? That would be a double yes with an exclamation mark! In fact, I may go for another whitening tune up again in a couple of years.


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