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Beauty Rocks Interviews Founder of Sabon

Recently Beauty Rocks had a chance to put forth some questions to Avi Piatok, one of the founders of Sabon, the luxury natural bath and body brand that has just launched in the UK in Covent Garden. Here’s what he had to say…
1. If you could take 3 Sabon products with you on a desert island but could only have three what would they be and why?

That’s a hard decision but if we could only take 3 products it would be: the body care ritual products (our best sellers), the shower oil, body scrub and classic body lotion. The shower oil is a liquid-based soap which contains olive oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil and Wheat germ oil. It nourishes and pampers the skin leaving it soft and silky. The body scrub contains natural dead sea salt and oils. The salt exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing a new and soft layer. It is rich in Almond oil, Jojoba oil, omega 3,6,9 and vitamin E. Then, our classic body lotion, which is rich in natural oils such as Borage and Avocado oil, quickly absorbs in to the skin, keeping it nourished and healthy. The fragrance lasts for hours!

2. What motivated you to start the Sabon brand?

SABON came to the world out of our love for textures and scents, the art of grooming and pleasure, creation and listening, and out of the will to provide people with hours of relaxation and magic within their stormy everyday life. I [Avi Piatok] had previously worked importing housewares and exposed to the world of soaps. I approached my friend Sigal [Kotler-Levi], who was still a student at the time, and suggested we open a store together producing and selling hand-made soaps – a unique and innovative concept.

3. What is a typical day behind the scenes of Sabon like?

Every product starts with an idea. The marketing department, together with the development department, compose a products brief which is then transferred to the development team for further process. The formula is finalised to make sure it complies with all regulations. The fragrances is concocted, and packaging materials and the final design of the product are reached and then the final product information file is transferred to manufacturing, before it is then distributed worldwide.

Have you tried Sabon yet? It’s very hard to choose a favourite because all the products are amazing and affordable as well. My favourite is the Honey Peach Mineral Powder – it’s perfect for a long soak in the tub.

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