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Bourjois Launches Smoky Stories

Bourjois offers amazing quality at high street prices – they are quickly becoming one of my favourite beauty brands and I always highly recommend the products to friends. This fall, they have launched their Smoky Stories Palettes which are simply gorgeous. They are idiot-proof as well with pre-coordinated shades. The palettes come with three shades as well as a top coat shadow with a shimmery effect that you can apply in the inner corner of your eye or all over for a subtle glow.

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Bourjois Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Palettes


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The lightest shade of the palette is the base shade which is meant to be applied just under the arch. The second shade is the medium shade, meant to be applied on the eyelids. The third shade, the darkest should be applied at the lash line to enhance eyes.

I found the eyeshadows to hold quite well and that’s good for me as I generally have oily skin and also go heavy on the moisturiser for anti-ageing so I often have what could be described as a dewy look. Sometimes this doesn’t go down well for me with eyeshadows so I tend to stick with crème based formulas. However, the new Smoky Stories shadows are actually a cream-powder texture so they also work well with oily skin.

The palettes come in 8 shades: Grey & Night, Over Rose (my favourite!), I Love Blue, Rock This Khaki, Good Nude, Upside Brown, In Mauve Again and Ocean Obsession. I was able to try four of the palettes and I adore the Over Rose as my obsession is rose gold and this colour goes best with my fair skin and dewy look.

Bourjois 1 Second Gel Nail Polish- Rouge In Style, Grey To Meet You, Silver Leaf Effects



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With Bourjois Nail Polish it is all about the application. The unique fan-effect brush allows you to get really good coverage with one swipe and this also helps to lessen the chance of making a mistake. I love using these on my lunch break because they really do take 1 second to put on and also are quick to dry. Because of the silicone in the formula, these also look expensive and have high gloss shine.

Bourjois 1 Second Mascara



Bourjois 1 Second Mascara is great – mostly because of the brush. I think when it comes to mascara, yes the formula counts but so does the brush. The brush of the 1 Seconde Mascara grabs eyelashes really well and separates them for a lovely, natural but wide-eyed look. I also love this mascara because it isn’t running down my face by noon. No one likes a travelling mascara and I am happy to say this one is not one of those!

Bourjois 24H Cream to Powder Eyeshadow



I LOVE this product and it’s my favourite of the Bourjois newest launches. I use the shimmery Flacon d’or just under my eyebrow arch to highlight and also in the inner corner of my eye. My favourite combination is to use my Laura Mercier crème eyeshadow in Gold on my eyelids and the Bourjois Flacon d’or on my arch and simply blend at the crease. It is long-wearing and the combination of the two together are a perfect pairing.


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