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Sabon Launches in UK

Sabon is the new kid in town! The global beauty brand arrived in Covent Garden this fall and it’s a celebrity fave with fans like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes. Sabon makes truly luxurious-looking bath and body care products that are beautifully packaged in high-quality casing. It just launched in the UK so we can now take advantage of its lovely products with unique ingredients.

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Sabon Lavender Loofah Soap


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The soap is one of their star products and I have the Lavender scent. Little pieces of natural loofah (sea sponge) are mixed in with the soap, making it truly exfoliating on your skin. The colour is a deep purple that is pleasing to the eye. It is glycerine-based, making it truly moisturising to the skin. This is great for busy people as it takes the exfoliation step out of the equation. Great for reducing shower time!

Sabon Shower Oil in Lavender & Apple


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Sabon’s shower oil smells amazing and comes in a large glass pump jar and looks very luxurious indeed. This shower oil lasts for ages because the size is very big and it’s a great value for money because you get a lot for what you pay for and the quality is fantastic. Sabon’s mission is to offer everyday affordable luxury and take the spa experience into the home. The packaging is recyclable and comes in vintage glass jars that can be used again and again for storing bath salts and liquids.

This combination of shower gel laced with essential oils leaves the skin feeling luxuriously silky and soft. This is a great multi-tasking product as well in case you don’t have time to put on body lotion afterwards!

Sabon Mineral Soak in Honey Peach


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This is absolute heaven in the bathtub! It’s soft and silky in the tub and leaves skin feeling very smooth afterwards. The quality of this soak is great- I used it one evening and then used a competitor’s brand the next evening and I have to say I preferred the Sabon soak! The powder contains a blend of Dead Sea salts, minerals and essential oils. The essential oils are the key ingredients here that make your skin feel so silky and smooth. The minerals in the soak have also been proven to lower blood pressure, relieve tired muscles and enhance relaxation.

Also, sometimes it’s about the little things. This comes with a wooden spoon to scoop out the powder into the tub. Very cute indeed.


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