Le Couvent Des Minimes Launches in the UK

Le Couvent Des Minimes is the new little brother (or sister) brand from L’Occitane and has just landed in the UK in November. The brand has a wonderful story, with origins coming from a convent in France that is still going today. The products are made with natural recipes that have been the same recipes used since the convent was founded in the 1600s so I can certainly appreciate the long tradition that has gone into these products and the heritage behind the brand.


For a natural brand, the price point of the products is very reasonable and the quality is fantastic and suitable for sensitive skin. My favourite product within the brand is the Botanical Recipe of the Morning Gift Set which is only £15.00 for four fab products. I think this makes a great gift for Christmas for someone who loves beauty and also loves a nice natural brand.

The Botanical Recipe of the Morning ingredients pay tribute to the particular time of the day when nature comes to life and the Convent wakes to the sounds of the bells that signify the start of the day.

I originally thought the products smelled of pear until I learned that it was actually apple which got me thinking…why don’t more brands use apple in their products?! The actual scent of the products is of apple, citrus and musk.

The gift set comes with four products:

Le Couvent Des Minimes Botanical Recipe of the Morning Body Moisturiser



I have to be honest and say that I used this 50ml body moisturiser up really quickly. It was lovely – lightly scented and not greasy at all.

Le Couvent Des Minimes Botanical Recipe of the Morning Moisturising Hand Cream



The packaging of this product is very similar to L’Occitane and this 25ml hand cream is the perfect handbag size to carry around for moisture on-the-go!

Le Couvent Des Minimes Botanical Recipe of the Morning Soap Bar



This is a great soap to give as a gift with vintage packaging. I love that soaps have made a recent comeback!

Le Couvent Des Minimes Botanical Recipe of the Morning Shower Dew



I love the name of this – shower dew! It smells like dew as well – lightly scented with natural ingredients, this is sure to wake you up in the morning.


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