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The January Diaries

Well, we have passed the most depressing day of the year so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. January is hard – it’s grey and cold and winter seems like it’s going to last forever. Christmas is over and New Year’s Resolutions have started and possibly failed. But let’s not get negative! There are a lot of fun products that have either launched this month or are here to make your life easier. Honestly.

Let’s start with Tangle Teezer. These little beauties have been my lifesaver – they are really gentle on tangles and as someone who has really fine hair that tends to knot up really easily, Tangle Teezer has really come to the rescue and saved me a few hairs in the process.

This month they have launched three new products! The first one is the Blow-Styling Hairbrush. This is meant to be used when you blow dry your hair to help you get a salon-quality finish. I watched it demonstrated on two models at the launch and it truly does work to make your hair frizz-free. It helps lesson your dry time because the teeth extract water from the hair shaft and the teeth deliver free flow tension with no dragging for a super smooth finish.


Tangle Teezer has also launched the most stylish compact hair brush ever with Lulu Guinness. This makes brushing your hair look cool, trust me. I brought this to my hairdresser to have a look at and she fell in love with it. So did I.



The geniuses at Tangle Teezer have also now created a compact styler for men and it can be used on both hair and beards. With a sleek, silver look (in top picture) it means your boyfriend will never be borrowing your hairbrush ever again.


Simple is the next brand I want to talk about. Simple do just that…that is, keeping things simple. For no fuss skincare this brand is perfect and appeals to both men and women for it’s approach to well…simple grooming. I have been using the facial wipes to remove make-up as soon as I walk in the door as well as the spot treatment on developing pimples and I can say for a fact it has made my life easier this month.



One thing I didn’t know that Simple did was BB Cream. It is a ‘universal colour’ but I found it a bit too dark for me although I like the consistency and texture. So maybe if I get some sun on my face I can use it!



Speaking of sun…going on any mid-winter breaks? I am escaping the UK for some sunshine soon so this Too Faced Bonjour Soleil kit is perfect to prep for this. It contains a collection of their bronzing best sellers including the matte, cocoa-powder infused Chocoalte Soleil, the original Too Faced bronzer Sun Berry and the luminous bronzer Snow Bunny. The Snow Bunny is perfect for me with my fair skin and as I am hoping to get a tan, I will see if I can go up a level or two with the other colours!




Recently I have had a thing for palettes. Artistry have released a lovely, lovely palette called Little Black Dress. The colours from left to right are: pearl, candlelight, evening out, midnight, little black dress, glamour, stiletto and sequin. I am loving the colours as they can work from day to night and the palette can be easily carried in your bag for touch ups on the go. The eyeshadow brush it comes with as well is nice and soft. The palette itself is black patent leather so looks stylish – this is a palette that goes perfect with a little black dress in fact. The colours focus on plum and berry shades which I love because I have green eyes and the purple shades really make my eyes stand out.





Have you ever considered lip injections? Well don’t because you don’t need one. Pouty Lipzz is a clear gloss that you apply three times a day and is meant to increase the volume of your lips by 40% after 30 days of use. I keep mine by my side at all times and I think I’ve been using it about six times a day! The gloss feels tingly on application but you soon get used to it and it actually feels quite revitalising. It smells and tastes very minty and will certainly gives your lips a kick they may need!






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