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Sanrizz Beauty Aesthetic Clinic and Salon Review

I recently had the chance to review the newly opened Beauty Aesthetic clinic at Sanrizz Salon in Knightsbridge. The clinic is an expansion to the already existing Sanrizz Salon and now customers can experience a full range of services – from hair to body treatments to facials. So it’s basically a one stop shop for all of your needs!



I am a bit of a facial and massage addict and Sanrizz offers both of course. The location of the salon is also great as it is nearly across the street from Harrods so would be the perfect place to go after a day of shopping or for a girls’ day out.

When I arrived to the clinic, I was taken to a lovely quiet room with soft lighting which was the perfect atmosphere in which to relax. The clinic offers a wide range of facials and body treatments from scrubs to massages.

photo (17)

I received a tailor-made facial with an Indian head massage using ODA Glycolic products by Michelle McKenzie – who truly knows her stuff about skincare. To start off, she asked me some questions about my skincare routine and after learning about the type of skin I had we started to discuss my main skin concerns.

The main concerns I have are ageing – in particular preventing fine lines underneath my eyes. I am also concerned about maintaining the volume in my face as well as being acne-prone during times of stress. As I get older I notice that my skin isn’t as plump as it used to be and this could be because I’ve lost some of my baby fat since my university days!

After discussing my skincare concerns with Michelle, she then selected a completely unique concoction of products to best target them. She started with an eye ritual to soothe and relax the whole body and I could immediately feel my stress melting away. There is something very soothing about massages and facials that relates to the human touch.

She then did a double cleanse on my face to prep the skin and used a pure organic glycolic solution to resurface the skin. Michelle explained that glycolic acid is great because it reaches the deepest levels of the skin due to its molecular structure. It is great for hyperpigmentation as well as really cleansing out the skin and removing impurities, simply because it travels down to the deepest levels. I did feel like my skin felt lighter and fresher after the treatment.

Glycolic acid is an exfoliator so removes dead skin cells which also lets the skin ‘breathe’ if you will. I use a glycolic toner at home daily and would really recommend it (Glow Tonic by Pixi by Petra). However for a more intensive glycolic experience it is best to leave this in the hands of professionals.

Michelle then applied a vitamin C serum to replenish nutrients and revitalise my skin and began a facial massage using a pre-blended mix of relaxing essential oils. Essential oils are wonderful in a massage because they truly help you relax. I use a lavender pillow spray nightly to relax so know the power of aromatherapy.

Next up was a well needed décolleté shoulder massage combined with an Ayurvedic pressure point massage. The massage was really relaxing and made me think that I need to spend more time pampering myself. We all do really. Taking 30 minutes every other week to get a massage can do wonders for stress. Hey, let’s go ahead and make it into a once a week thing!

The last step of the treatment was a calming and soothing mask with cotton discs on the eyes to encourage relaxation with a holistic scalp massage.

Michelle used all products from a new and revolutionary brand called ODA which specialise in 3 essential skin peels.


A couple of weeks have now passed after my treatment and my skin is looking more refreshed and brighter! I would highly recommend speaking to Michelle about what you need and what your skin concerns are. Michelle offers a free consultation as well as exclusive tips and advice on the best skin and beauty products and treatments. Contact her at 0207 127 8003 for your FREE consultation.

I was also lucky enough to try out the salon side of Sanrizz and was handed over to the haircare professionals. I was after a treatment and a cut so after a lovely head massage and a five minute treatment for dry hair, the haircut began. I wondered if I should get a a clavicut as they are so popular but instead decided to lop off about three inches (which still takes courage!).

photo 1 (10)

photo 2 (7)

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I was also given a blowdry and when I left Sanrizz, I truly felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders – with skin and a scalp that could finally breathe!

photo 5 (5)


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