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Creating an At Home Spa

I suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but sometimes I want to embrace JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and stay in for the evening. I love visiting a spa but considering the cost of a day spent getting treatments, sometimes I have to make compromises!

However there are ways and means of creating a spa at home and getting some great results. One thing that you will definitely need is a dry body brush (not pictured) to use prior to getting into the bath. A dry body brush will improve circulation and give your skin a glow. Do this for two weeks and you will start noticing a difference in your skin tone.

Draw a hot bath and light a candle. I love this luxurious Annick Goutal L’Ile Au The candle. The scent was inspired by a trip to Jeju Island, off the coast of South Korea. Perfect for daydreaming in the tub, it smells of mandarin, citrus, osmanthus, tea and white musk.


For an amazing body scrub treatment try Dolce Dreams. This is a new range that is part of Fake Bake, the tanning brand, which has now launched Fake Bake Beauty At Home. You can purchase the products from the Fake Bake website or from a consultant who can also hold a Fake Bake Beauty Party at your home. The bath and body line are lovely and smell as good as they sound.


I tried the Coconut Macaroon Body Scrub – it smells delicious and will spark your sweets craving, that’s for sure! It contains natural sugar so is extremely good at exfoliating and the scrub is hard enough to make a real difference. I always like a sugar scrub because I feel like it is truly working – this one made my skin really smooth and baby soft.

Another product in the Dolce Dreams collection that I love is the Lemon Meringue Body Whip – this is incredibly rich and creamy body whip smells amazing and feels great on the skin as well. It sinks in really quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy after-effect on the skin.


When thinking about pampering at home we mustn’t forget about hair! A product for hair that I have recently come across is Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Hair Masque. The products contain no nasties and no silicone. Louise comes from a family of hairdressers so it was no suprise when she created her own brand. This one is kind to the environment and hair too! It penetrates deeply into the hair shaft to restore and renew parched locks. Louise is a firm believer that silicones ruin hair by coating them which doesn’t allow nutrients to reach them. By the time the silicone breaks down and wears off, hair is damaged and dry. This masque didn’t make my hair feel greasy and weighed down either. A lovely treatment for tresses.



Going back to the Fake Bake Beauty at Home range, they have also launched a skincare line called Skin Dluxe. It’s a very luxurious yet affordable range. I have the (from left to right below) Prime Time Age Defying Moisturiser, No Needles Fine Line Eraser and the Lustre Lotion. The whole range is great to use as an at-home facial – as all the products work together for better results.


The No Needles Fine Line Eraser is a serum that contains retinol to combat wrinkles as well as having an instant blur effect.


The reason I have included the Dream Skin Cleansing Melt in my ‘At Home Spa’ post is because it also doubles as a nourishing mask. You can leave it on for ten minutes while relaxing in the bath for a truly nourishing cleanse.


The Lustre Lotion can be used on the face as soon as you get out of the bath and your face is dry. It softens skin with algae extracts and primes your skin for serum and moisturiser.


Who needs a spray tan when you can do it at home? Fake Bake has also covered all tanning needs and come to our rescue with the 5 Minute Mousse. This stuff is really great! It has a speed-dry formula that gives you a streak-free colour in five minutes! So if you are prepping for a big night out after your spa at home day, this is the tanning treatment you will want to use.




We can’t talk about feeling pretty at home without talking about Boux Avenue. Boux has an amazing variety of cute PJs, loungewear, lingerie, bathrobes and even candles and hand cream to make you feel truly pampered.


I am in love with this sleeping mask – it is so cute. I have always used a sleeping mask as they help me to sleep much better and this one is pretty and functional at the same time. It’s silky and soft, perfect for bedtime after your spa at home day!


Boux Avenue also does amazing candles. This White Chiffon one smells amazing. With the addition of Elderflower this adds a kick to the usual Jasmine scent. Fantastic for a night in.


After all that body brushing and scrubbing you will need to focus on your hard working hands! Boux Avenue also does gorgeous hand creams and this White Chiffon one will match the White Chiffon candle.


And the true specialty of Boux Avenue? Lingerie. I have to be completely honest when I am saying that these are the best fitting bras I have ever had. I have a problem with my straps always falling down but Boux’s bras don’t seem to have that problem. They will also do a customised bra fitting in store and let me tell you, having a bra that actually fits correctly is true luxury and makes a huge difference in how you feel!



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