Memo: Fragrances Inspired by Travel

Sometime back, in a land far away, two people who loved travel met and decided to take off into the horizon to explore the world. What become of these two travel lovers? Well, the most gorgeous collection of fragrances…inspired by the places they loved. That is why smell and fragrance are so personal – they remind us of memories. Imagine being able to reignite your memory for a favourite place simply by inhaling the scent of your favourite perfume. Very tempting indeed. Can someone transport me to my favourite tropical paradise please?


As a person who loves to travel and for whom travel has been a huge part of life, I personally fell in love with the philosophy and brand story behind Memo – short for Memory actually.

Memo is from Paris, a place that we like to think of as romantic and whimsical so a perfect base for this brand. One thing that I would absolutely love from Memo is their Made to Measure service. This means that you can actually have a fragrance personalised with the name of a place that inspires you. For me, there are so many that are close to my heart that I am afraid I would end up with about 20 or more ‘Made to Measure’ fragrances!

I warn you, the fragrances are not cheap but can assure you as these are Eau de Parfum fragrances, they have a quality factor and a few light handed sprays of this will last you far longer than any Eau de Toilette.


The collection contains 17 fragrances, many inspired by places far away for most including Sundance (exalting the cozy languour of Sundance in Utah), Jannat (meaning ‘paradise’ in Urdu, a language spoken in both India and Packistan), Moon Fever (inspired by the African savannahs), Irish Leather (from windy Ireland – leather, wood, amber and honey), Granada (inspired by the Andalusian jasmine) Kedu (nicknamed the ‘garden of Java’ in Indonesia), Inle (inspired by Lake Inle in Burma) and Siwa ( a desert oasis where the oracles were consulted by Cleopatra and Alexander the Great).




A new fragrance by Memo is launching in April – Ilha do Mel. This is a gorgeous fragrance – I could smell the Jasmine and Gardenia notes in it instantly. It was bright and fresh, especially on the grey day in March that I tried it (please be aware the sample pictured below is only a lab sample- not the actual packaging). This is a true scent for spring, one that reminds you of a garden full of buzzing bees where the heat mingles with the fresh scent of flowers. It’s heady, sweet and feminine – the smell on your skin lasts for hours.


Ilha do Mel means ‘Honey Flowers’ in Portugese and is inspired by a remote Brazilian island.

Memo is stocked exclusively at Harvey Nichols where I would highly encourage you to visit and then promptly book a trip to the very place/fragrance you felt inspired by!


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