A Look at British Heritage Brands: Barney & Taylor

There has been a lot of talk about fashion lately, especially with New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week. We are always looking at trends that come and go – essentially, it’s all fast fashion. In the spring, we look at A/W and in the fall we look at S/S. Of course keeping up with trends is nice but it’s also good to have a solid investment piece that can be worn again season after season and will never go out of style.


When looking for an investment piece you have to think about quality. Is the piece handmade? What material is it made out of? Is it weather-resistant? What kind of care does it need (i.e. dry cleaning, polishing, etc)?


Lately I have been focusing a lot on memories and experience. If a quality piece has the ability to carry you from season to season, through experience after experience, then it also has the ability to become something sacred and special. Those are the kind of things that last through several generations.


That’s when we get to focus on heritage brands. Barney & Taylor (origins from Manchester) is one such heritage brand and have been around since 1911. In this day and age, that’s a long time. Their products (from jackets to accessories) are handmade in the UK.


One such bag that I had my eye on was The Rosehill. This is a classic leather satchel with detachable yellow straps.



It’s practical but the yellow straps also give it a bit of a cool factor along with a little ‘scissors’ logo on the front. The bag has a convenient magnetic clasp which seems to magically hold everything together and the front of the bag actually unclasps to reveal a perfect spot for you to put all of your debit cards and Oyster card for the train.



The bag is not cheap at £345 but it is an investment piece and will stand the test of time. Isn’t that worth 7 x £50 bags that you will just throw out or give away after a couple of years once they go out of fashion?



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      March 29, 2015 / 3:30 pm

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