Beauty Rocks Reviews: Code Beautiful VLM Mascara

I love mascara. It’s like lipstick, you can never have too many. So I was very excited to learn of a launch of a new mascara from Code Beautiful called Code VLM (Volumising, Lengthening Mascara).


The mascara comes in a lovely little box and looks great. But how does it perform on lashes? Well, when it comes to mascara, it’s all about the brush. Of course the formula is important but the brush often gets overlooked for its importance too. The Code VLM has a baby lash brush that helps to grab onto the soft, newly grown lashes that are so hard to capture with mascara.


The formula is also buildable. If you want natural looking lashes simply swipe on one layer but if you want super-voluminous lashes up to three layers can be added for this look.


So about the performance? As you can see below on the box it is pretty significant. The formula also feels nourishing to lashes. I have become very lash protective lately, using Vichy Eye and Lash Serum on my lashes every single night to help nourish them. Because hardly a day goes by where I don’t wear mascara.


The result was natural-looking lashes that didn’t feel stiff or heavy. Code VLM is available for £19.95 from Beauty Mart.



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