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Gym Junkie Wannabe

There was a time that I was a regular gym goer – I did pilates, lifted weights and in high school I even played women’s baseball (called softball) which still remains one of my favourite sports today (to play and watch).


Back in the day it was okay to wear sweats and old t-shirts to the gym, however today things have changed. Visit any L.A. Fitness, Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness or Virgin Active Gym and you will see people decked out in the most fashionable gym gear ever, thanks to the sports luxe fever that hit us last season.

This spring I am vowing to bring exercise back into my life and what better way to get excited to go to the gym than get some new gym gear?

I love this ‘Stealin’ Bases’ cap by Starter. Back in high school, I had a Starter jacket because everyone who was anyone would have one. I begged my parents to buy me a Starter jacket and one memorable Christmas, unwrapped a Charlotte Hornets (professional basketball team in the U.S.) jacket. Did I care about the team? Of course not. I just wanted the jacket (I think I even slept in it the first night – no joke).


I am a huge fan of yoga and pilates leggings. Even if I am not doing either yoga or pilates! These leggings by Superdry are super cool – they are soft and comfy and will be a part of my new gym kit. And I love my North Face fleece top – it even has little thumb hooks in the sleeves so it keeps your hands warm and dry as well as doesn’t annoyingly hike up when you put on your coat!


Ah and you gotta have the shoes. My trainers of choice are always from Nike and the brighter the better. I picked these up from a TK Maxx in the States (called TJ Maxx there) for 40 bucks!


Last but not least you need something to carry everything in. Water bottle, towel, yoga mat, socks, toiletries and make-up. I love this rucksack by Eastpak. It’s classy and cool and will go with you everywhere, not just the gym.



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