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An Evening with Jo Loves: Candle Shot Studio Launch

I was so lucky to be able to meet the one and only Jo Malone this week at her Jo Loves store! What a dream – Jo is the epitome of success. Her products are gorgeous and something to be really proud of because they are truly of a lovely quality. Candles and fragrances? Welcome to Jo Loves.

The exciting news is that Jo Loves has just launched the Candle Shot Studio where you can make your own bespoke Shot Candle. This is chance to make a truly personable gift for yourself or for someone else.

Jo says the Shot Candle concept was ‘inspired by a chance moment in New York when I had the idea to create a bespoke candle that combined not one, but two fragrant moments. It’s the first time I’ve designed a product that invites you to become part of the creative process by blending your own moments and memories together.’


So how does the Shot Candle concept work? Well, you first select your base scent from the menu of fragrance inspirations and then drop in your chosen ‘shot’. The choices include; Mint Mojito, Charcoaled Lemons, Tahitian Gardenia, Lemongrass, Fig Trees, Mango and Petitgrain.


We were invited to smell all the different bases and shots which all smelled amazing! It certainly made it very hard to choose…

So what did I pick in the end? I decided to go for a base of Tahitian Gardenia and a shot of Mango. I absolutely love the smell of mango – it reminds me of travelling through the tropics, drinking mango smoothies every day on the beach. This goes back to Jo’s original concept with the Shot Candle – in that it is meant to bring your personal scent memories to life.


Jo herself made my candle and signed my perfumed card below. I ‘painted’ the below card with both the mango fragrance and the Tahitian Gardenia scent. The card was then tied to the outside of my bag so that the scent would waft around me as I walked through the London night. And believe me, people were looking at the bag on the train, wondering what the amazing smell was coming from it!


The candle will burn for 60 hours and is 260g. This is a candle to be burned truly for special occasions or for a luxurious moment to make you feel really special. As this candle reminds me of my travelling, I will save it for times of relaxation – there is nothing like a candle burning while you are in a hot bath. Perhaps on a cold winter night this candle will carry me away to the beaches of Thailand…


The candle is wrapped in a beautiful box and packaged to be perfect as a gift for someone special (including yourself!).


And while the candle is expensive at £75.00 – it is also something special in itself and warrants the price. The scent of it is truly amazing and knowing that it has been specially made to bring your scent memories back to life means that it is something to be savoured and appreciated, not burned quickly and thrown out. It even comes with matches!



Jo Loves also has amazing fragrances – the Pomelo below is gorgeous and long-lasting. I spritzed this all over and I could still smell it on my pulse points 8 hours later which must be a new record! What I like about the fragrances is that they smell very natural. There is no alcoholic or synthetic scent about them, which often gives me a headache. The Pomelo fragrance is really unique with Pink Pomelo and Vetiver. It’s a citrus scent that smells like grapefruit – it’s uplifting, energising and refreshing!





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