Beauty Rocks Visits: Daniel Galvin Salon

On Saturday morning, I was invited to experience a cut and blow-dry at Daniel Galvin Salon in Marleybone. Seeing as this was the perfect way to start a weekend, how could I say no? The salon is owned and operated by the Galvin family and is located in Marylebone, a short walk from Baker Street tube station.



From the outside it’s hard to image just how big this salon is! It is probably the biggest salon in London I have ever been to and covers two floors, with over 100 stylists. And this is no empty salon either, it is busy which always means it’s good. It’s a similar comparison to when you see a long line of people waiting to get seated at a restaurant – that’s how you know the food is so good. Luckily at Daniel Galvin of course, you can make an appointment so there’s no waiting but it is popular and you will be able to spot this immediately upon entering!


Daniel Galvin, the man himself, has been rewarded with an OBE for his innovations in hair colour and his significant role within the hair industry – he’s even worked with Twiggy. I am told he still works three days a week and his daughter, Louise Galvin and son, James Galvin also work at the salon.

Daniel has his own range of products for the hair as you can see below.


His daughter Louise also has her own range of hair care and I have previously covered her Sacred Locks Hair Masque (which is fantastic for parched locks) here:


Walking into the salon, I didn’t realise how many products Louise has in her hair-care line which has also extended into a bath and body care line as well!


As I mentioned before the salon is huge and there is certainly a buzz about the place. On the top floor is where the colouring magic happens…


On the bottom floor it’s all about cutting and styling (spot James Galvin in the below picture with the cool man bun!).


A great thing about the Daniel Galvin salon is that they have a full-service juice/smoothie/coffee bar so you can order cold-pressed juices from Roots & Bulbs, healthy smoothies or delicious cappuccinos from the menu. They even have breakfast items on the menu so if you are at the salon for awhile, you can multi-task by eating your lunch or breakfast while your hair is ‘processing’.



I was seen by the lovely Cheryl Munoz, who is a senior hairstylist at Daniel Galvin. I opted for the cut and blow-dry service. Cheryl suggested my hair was getting a bit too long so was looking slightly thinner at the bottom and we agreed to chop an inch off. She also gave me the most gentle blow-dry I have ever had at a salon. I often avoid getting my hair blow-dried and styled because I feel like my hair is being handled too roughly. I have very fine hair so don’t want to lose any more of it than I have to so I don’t get blow-dry’s often. However, I am very happy to report that there were no tears and no tangles or pulled hair by Cheryl!

So what was the result? A lovely, lightweight and bouncy style!






For those that can’t make it to Marleybone, Daniel Galvin is opening a new salon in June in Kensington! The salon will be located on Abington Road in a quiet, residential neighbourhood (but not far from Kensington High Street) for those who want a salon with a calmer feel.

For more information, opening hours just call 0203 544 6535, or email [email protected]


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