Fitness Inspiration with Glenmuir

I come from a family who likes to run. Marathons, track & field, daily exercise, you name it and we run. Even our dogs love to go on a run. Therefore Christmas presents always tend to involve base layers for running, because they help to keep you warm during chilly day running ventures.

Glenmuir is a brand that is normally known for its golfing heritage (since 1981!) but they have now released running base layers.

The women’s base layers (as seen below) are really comfortable. The key to the layers is compression – which means you don’t jiggle as much when you run and it also┬áreduces the build-up of lactic acid (which is what causes sore muscles).


The material has flat blue stitching that wrap around muscles and keep things compressed in. I went for my first run in them and they feel great – mostly due to the fact that they are so form-fitting that they feel like a second skin. However they are breathable and if you do sweat (and you should if you are running properly) it’s great because the material is moisture-wicking and fast-drying so the sweat doesn’t stay there for long.


The leggings and top both have reflective bits on them so if you are running in the dark you won’t be missed either.



I think the leggings would actually be fabulous for yoga as well because they are so stretchy.



For accessories for when I go for a run I love these Superdry sunglasses (which also say Superdry in Japanese if you were wondering!). They stay on my face and have a sporty look to them.



Sometimes I take a water bottle with me and this one is from Halfords Cycle Republic. The only other thing you need are a pair of good running shoes – I love my Nikes!



As you might be able to see from the pictures the base layers are really stretchy so they are great to move in!


If you are into running, I would highly recommend them!


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